In Memory of Alex Janiak

A note from Alex's family:

Alex liked Hibatchi, we would go to celebrate the tiniest of moments because he enjoyed it so much. He also liked the general store for its flagpole and bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. The favorite pizza was the Colony Grill with hot oil. sports that Alex enjoyed playing were basketball, baseball and when he was younger, golf. Alex wrestled for the high school team during his freshman year and lettered, they won State that year. His career was cut short due to a knee injury.

Our family of 5 moved from Naperville, IL to Mckinney, TX when Alex had just turned 3. Alex was the youngest of 3 children but surpasses us all in height with a 6'5" frame. Alex made a lot of great friends while in TX. Just before turning 11, we moved to Newtown, CT. This is where Alex found his good group of buddies who would get together on the weekends and eventually drive themselves to Hitachi, basketball, baseball games, the beach, skiing, etc. During his senior year of high school, Alex wanted to get back to his Midwestern roots and chose to attend college at Loyola University in Chicago, IL. There, he was blessed to have wonderful roommates and made another fun group of friends so that Hibatchi continued while at school.

As parents of Alex, we couldn't have been prouder of him. Alex was kind, caring and stood for justice. If Alex saw anyone being mistreated, he would step in and the matter would resolve. Alex was humble, he would never share these stories; but parents of children who were being mistreated would reach out to us and share how Alex helped their children. A dear friend of ours said that Alex's light shines within us and it's been the kindness, love, thoughtfulness, and prayers that have been sustaining us since his passing on April 21st. Being his parents for the last 19 years has been one of the biggest blessings of our lives. Our hope is that when remembering Alex, we all move forward with love and kindness in our hearts, for we truly believe that in a kind world, anything is possible.

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