Bead String Workshop

New limited opportunity to make your own individual custom bead string.

Join us to make your very own custom bead string! This is a kid-friendly activity that will require two scheduled visits to the studio. You will create unique shapes (beads) out of clay and then paint (glaze) them once they’ve been fired in the kiln. We will then fire the glazed pieces and assemble your custom bead string for you to pick up.

To keep Ben’s Bells community art concept, we do ask that during this process, you contribute some beads to be used for other art initiatives and include two finished beads made by someone else as part of your bead.


Introductory Special Rate is $45 for your finished bead string, including your scheduled time at the studio. Sessions will take 30-60 minutes based on the phase and two people can work on the creation of one bead string. Ben’s Bells will fire your completed beads and assemble your bead string. We’ll have it ready for you to pick up about a week after you’ve painted your shapes.

Up to 2 people can work on a bead string and will require that you schedule 2 appointments at our Ben’s Bells studio.

Day 1: Create your very own custom shapes out of clay.
Day 2: Paint your handmade shapes.

If you have any questions or concerns please email  ct@bensbells.org.