Take the Ben’s Bells

Our “be kind challenge” has been a great success!

We know that the challenge is a motivator that helps us do kindness even better. So we invite your school, business, or organization to join us!

The #bekindchallenge is all about creativity! Schools, businesses, and organizations: we want you to come up with fun and creative ways to display your kindness chains. How long will it take you to wrap your chain around a school bus? Or across your lobby? Show us how you document your kindness, and then share with Ben's Bells on our Facebook page so we can share your kindness chains with the world! 

How to join the #bekindchallenge:

  • Download and print the "be kind challenge" chain links so you can track your group‛s acts of kindness.
  • Have the chain links available to your students, staff, faculty members, colleagues, and community. Download the slips HERE.
  • Talk up the challenge within your organization. You can include information about the challenge and how to get involved in your weekly/monthly newsletter, on your marquee, during morning announcements, at staff meetings, etc.

Ways to get your community or organization excited and keep the momentum going:
• Display your chain in a highly visible location.
• Keep track of the number of acts of kindness and share the total with your organization and community regularly. We all like to see progress!
• Read some of the acts of kindness at a staff meeting, on announcements, and at club/team meetings, or include them in a memo/newsletter.
• Have the leader of your organization demonstrate performing, writing, and reading an act of kindness.
• Talk about intentional kindness and the positive impact it can have on your community and our society and how the green slips add to the greater good!              

Print your challenge slips HERE!


I decided to initiate the “be kind challenge” as a way to start off our second year as a Kind Campus school with a bang and to spread kindness throughout our school. Next, I got to thinking about the other schools within our district—the potential of 20 schools committed to perform 1,000 acts of kindness each, and how amazing that could be. 20,000 acts of kindness would most certainly leave a mark, have an incredible impact, and cause others to do the same.  We are not looking at a ripple but rather a wave of kindness. 

—Michael McConnell, former Principal, Lulu Walker Elementary School, current Principal, Innovation Academy

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been outrageously successful in raising awareness about ALS and has highlighted the need for all of us to become engaged in helping our communities. Ben's Bells is thrilled that this modification of the challenge (the #bekindchallenge) originated in Tucson elementary schools and that it could inspire thousands to connect to their community through kindness. It's exciting to imagine the potential!
—Jeannette Maré, Ben's Bells Founder & Chief Kindness Officer