to go boxes

To Go Boxes allow you to bring the Ben’s Bells Studio to your home, classroom, or meeting. The boxes are designed for groups of all types and ages and will help to build intentional kindness skills in a fun and interactive way. Ben’s Bells provides the materials to get you started, and your group works together to make our world a kinder place.

The box accommodates a group of 50 participants for 1 hour of continuous painting. 
The fee for the box is $100.
The painting portion of the box must be returned to the studio within 2 weeks. 

The box includes a packet of kindness education activities and templates that can be copied to accommodate groups of any size, as well as materials and instructions for painting the Ben’s Bells Kindness Coins.

Included in the box:

• 5 Completed Kindness Coins

• Kindness-themed activities with templates and descriptions

• Painting materials and instructions. (You will need to provide cups/bowls and water for rinsing brushes.)

You may purchase additional Kindness Coinsstickers, or other merchandise for your group at the studio or online.


For more information or to request your kit please email

If your group would prefer a Ben's Bells staff member to facilitate the activity, please email