Kind Campus FAQs

Q – What is the Kind Campus program?

A – Kind Campus is a unique outreach program provided free-of-charge to elementary, middle, and high schools. Kind Campus focuses on the five core competencies of social-emotional learning: self-awareness, social awareness, responsible decision-making, self-management, and relationship management (CASEL).

The program includes individual, classroom, and school-wide exercises in practicing kindness recognition, active gratitude, and intentional kindness towards oneself, one’s peers, one’s community, and one’s overall environment. For more information about Kind Campus, visit BensBells.org/KindCampus


Q – How much does the Kind Campus program cost?

A – Kind Campus is a free program! Ben’s Bells is committed to providing Kind Campus programming free to schools so that tight budgets are never a barrier to practicing kindness. We do charge for program enhancements (assemblies, murals, and extra materials). Schools will always be able to engage actively in Kind Campus for free and, if resources allow, may support Ben’s Bells through enhancements and fundraising. See below for more information on assemblies, murals, and ordering Ben’s Bells merchandise to support your school’s program.


Q – How do I register for Kind Campus?

A – You can register your school by visiting BensBells.org/KindCampus. You will need to fill out some basic information about your school and fill out a short survey, 5-7 minutes. Once you have completed those two steps, you will receive an email with an online link to access the materials for the current school year.


Q – How often do I need to register for Kind Campus?

A – All participating schools need to register every year for Kind Campus. We revise our program materials annually, with updated resources, new activities, and new posters. When you register your school every year, it allows us to have accurate data that we can use to write grants that help fund this program and keep it free-of-charge to participating schools. Thank you!

You can register your school at BensBells.org/KindCampus


Q – How do I start using the Kind Campus program?

A – After you officially register your school for Kind Campus, you will receive an online link so you can access 9-months-worth of Kind Campus materials, which are full of information that helps us understand how our brains work, as well as activities and suggestions for practicing intentional kindness throughout your campus community. Click “Getting Started” in the menu for some helpful tips and resources.


Q – Our school is located near one of your Ben’s Bells studios (Downtown Tucson, Phoenix, or Connecticut). We are interested in bringing a school group for a hands-on art experience. Who do we contact?

A – We love hosting school groups at our studios! Please visit BensBells.org/FieldTrips to reserve a time and learn more about pricing.


Q – Our school is not located near a Ben’s Bells studio. How can my school get involved with Kind Campus programming?

A – Our Kind Campus programming is available free-of-charge to any elementary, middle, or high school, no matter its location. Once you register your school at BensBells.org/KindCampus, the Kind Campus monthly materials are all available online and include individual, classroom, and school-wide exercises in practicing intentional kindness. If you have questions about using the Kind Campus materials, please contact our Education Manager by emailing kindcampus@bensbells.org

  • If you would like information about a Ben’s Bells Assembly at your school, please fill out an Assembly request form at BensBells.org/Assemblies
  • If you would like information about a Ben’s Bells professional development Speaking Engagement at your school, please fill out a Speaking request form at BensBells.org/Speaking


Q – Our school is not located near a Ben’s Bells studio. Can my school participate in a hands-on Ben’s Bells community art project?

A – Please refer to the studio section of our website as our options are frequently being updated at BensBells.org/Volunteer


Q – Do you offer any programming during the summer?

A – In Southern Arizona, we offer Camp KIND, a week-long experience for elementary school-age children who want to learn more about intentional kindness. Camp features kindness-themed games, hands-on science activities, and crafts to keep. For more information visit BensBells.org/Camp or email kindcampus@bensbells.org.

Please visit our Connecticut webpage or Phoenix webpage for more information about summer programming in those locations.


Q– What is the Kind Campus Kickoff? When do I register?

A – Our annual Kind Campus Kickoff takes place in Tucson, Arizona, in August of each year. The conference provides an opportunity for Kind Campus practitioners—both experienced and brand-new—to learn about the program and annual updates to our materials, and to network with other Kind Campus teachers/staff. For more information, email our Education Manager at kindcampus@bensbells.org.

We offer an informal Kindness Coordinator Meetings in our Phoenix and Connecticut studios each year. Please contact our Phoenix Studio at phoenix@bensbells.org or Connecticut at ct@bensbells.org for information.


Q – We would like to have a Ben’s Bells Assembly at our school. How do we schedule one?

A – Kind Campus Assemblies set the stage for the practice of intentional kindness in your school, and are the ideal way to celebrate your campus commitment to kindness throughout the school year. Please visit our Assembly page to read about Assembly options and to submit your request.


Q – How do we get a “be kind” mosaic mural at our school or community center?

A – Please check out the “be kind” mural information page to get started.


Q – Can we use the Ben’s Bells “be kind” logo for t-shirts, posters, or other projects at our school?

A – In order to use Ben’s Bells logos or images, please send an email to info@bensbells.org with a description of how you plan to use them.


Q – How can we get Ben’s Bells merchandise (such as Kindness Coins, bracelets, Mini Ben’s Bells and other tools for kindness) that we can use in our school’s kindness programming?

A – All currently registered Kind Campus schools receive a 20% discount in our Shop KIND on merchandise purchased to support the kindness programming at your school (shipping costs not included). Discounts may not be applied for personal shopping or on already discounted merchandise. Please place orders directly through our Director of Retail, Jill, at jill@bensbells.org


Have another question not answered here?

Please contact our Education Manager by emailing kindcampus@bensbells.org. Thank you!