kindness conference

Paying Attention on Purpose: Building a Mindful and Engaged Kind Campus

What does it mean to be present and mindful in our daily lives? How can we help our students focus better and regulate behavior through understanding how the “Kind Mind” works? Join us for this year’s Kindness Conference, where we will talk about strategies for building a mindful, and engaged kind campus. Based on cutting-edge research around building social-emotional skills, Kind Campus empowers all school community members, including administrators, staff, teachers, and students to create safe and engaging school communities.

This year we are offering 2 Tucson sessions of our Kindness conference. (The programming will be the same at all conferences.) In breakout sessions, we will explore evidence-based strategies for using Kind Campus, and you will leave with a plan sketched out for how to strengthen kindness at your school.

We are grateful for the work that you do for our students, schools, communities, and families. Please join us!

Conference registration is closed

Our kick-off for this year will include: 

Welcome from Ben's Bells Director of Education, Laura Gronewold
Breakout session: 1-2-3 GO! How to Start Using Kind Campus right now!
Understanding Mindfulness with Leslie Langbert, Director, UA Center for Compassion Studies
Hands-on advice from experienced Kind Campus teachers
Nuts-and-Bolts for schools
Drawing for one free Field Trip and one free Workshop 
Free Starter Kit for any school with more than 5 staff attending!


Photography will take place at this event for promotional purposes by Ben's Bells Project.