kind ed to-go

Ben’s Bells Introduces Kind Ed To-Go Kits! 
In an effort to best serve our rapidly growing community of kindness practitioners, Ben’s Bells is excited to now offer Kind Ed Kits and Kind Ed Fun Packs! These kits are designed for groups of all types, sizes, and ages. They are designed to help build intentional kindness skills in a fun and interactive way. It’s simple. Ben’s Bells provides the materials and ideas to get you started, and your group makes our world a kinder place!

How it works:
Kind Ed Kits and Fun Packs include activity descriptions and templates so that you can make copies to accommodate groups of any size. Additional materials may be purchased for larger groups.

Base kits include:

  • 10 Kindness Coins
  • 25 2” stickers
  • Kindness-themed activities with templates and descriptions

Step 1: Choose your kit

  1. Kind Ed To-Go Kit—recommended for ages 10 and older. Great for gatherings of any size (conferences, community events, and large or small group settings)
  2. Kind Ed Fun Packrecommended for children under 10.

Step 2: Choose your add-ons!
Kits are designed for groups of 25 people. For larger groups, we recommend additional stickers and Kindness Coins

Step 3: Pick up your kit or order online.
Kits are available at Shop KIND in Downtown Tucson and online! Click HERE  to order yours online!

Step 4: Enjoy your Kind Ed experience!
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