We want to honor those in the Greater Tucson, Phoenix, and Connecticut communities who inspire kindness daily, making our communities  a better place to live. Whether it is your grocer, your child’s crossing guard, a co-worker, or a youth who is making a difference in our community through kindness, we would like to celebrate their kindness by "belling" them—presenting them with a Ben’s Bell and a Ben’s Bells gift pack. 

If you know someone who inspires kindness within the Greater Tucson, Phoenix, or Connecticut community, nominate them for a Ben's Bell!

For Tucson:  Each Friday, our weekly "Bellee" is announced on 94.9 MIXfm, KGUN9’s Morning Blend.  Our "Bellee" is also  featured each Tuesday  in the  Arizona Daily Star.

For Phoenix: Each month we will present a Ben's Bell and gift pack to a "Bellee" who  helps spread kindness throughout the Valley.

For Connecticut: We will present a Ben's Bell  to a "Bellee" who helps spread kindness throughout Connecticut.

Nominate a Bellee

Congratulations to our recent Ben's  Bellees!

Thank you for sharing your kindness with our communities!
You are changing the world!


Joyce Sanford


Jennifer Caraway


Tor Aronson

Thank you to our Media Partners for celebrating kindness in our Community!

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