We want to honor those in the Greater Tucson, Phoenix, and Connecticut communities who inspire kindness daily, making our communities a better place to live.
Whether it is your grocer, your child’s crossing guard, a co-worker, or a youth who is making a difference in our community through kindness, we would like to celebrate their kindness by "belling" them - presenting them with a Ben’s Bell and a Ben’s Bells gift pack.

If you know someone who inspires kindness within the Greater Tucson, Phoenix, or Connecticut community, nominate them for a Ben's Bell!

Tucson: Each Friday, our weekly Bellee is announced on 94.9 MIXfm & KGUN9’s Morning Blend. Our Bellee is also featured each Tuesday in the Arizona Daily Star.
Phoenix: Each month we will present a Ben's Bell and gift pack to a Bellee who helps inspire kindness throughout the Valley.
Connecticut: We will present a Ben's Bell to a Bellee who helps inspire kindness throughout Connecticut.

Click here to nominate a Bellee

Congratulations to our recent Bellees!

Thank you for sharing your kindness with our communities!
You are changing the world!


Miguel Figueroa

Photo Credit: Ceres Willis, Cholla High School


Charlotte Gould


Tor Aronson

Thank you to our Media Partners for celebrating kindness in our Community!

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