Even if you can’t join us in the studio, there are still ways for you to participate!

To-Go Boxes:

A To-Go Box allows you to bring the Ben’s Bells studio to your home, classroom, or meeting. The boxes are designed for groups of all types and ages, and help to build intentional kindness skills in a fun and interactive way. Each box accommodates a group of 25 participants for 1.5-2 hours of continuous painting. To-Go Boxes are available through our Tucson, Phoenix, and Connecticut studios. Prices may vary based on location.

Studio To-Go

A Studio To-Go provides the entire studio experience at your location! We’ll bring all the materials and staff needed to set up a studio right there in your office, classroom, or meeting place. Studios To-Go can accommodate up to 100 people and up to 2 hours of painting. Prices may vary based on location.