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Laura writes …

We were in Boise, Idaho on our way to see the total eclipse in Weiser last week. We stopped for a visit at the Anne Frank Museum. Off in the distance I saw something orange in color hanging from a tree. As I walked over I heard the bell. It was amazing to read the tag and to learn that I was to take this with me. I have it hanging now in my patio at home. And I am excited to support this project and purchase some items to place in my town. Thank you for helping us to remember that is easy to be kind and to spread kindness. Cheers. Laura P.

Posted on August 28, 2017

Amanda Campbell writes …

I just wanted to say thank you to the kind gentleman that gave me a Ben's Bells today. My oldest son, age 10, my niece, age 3, and I were at the little store in our tiny town of Slick, OK. I was taking my niece for a ride on our Polaris Ranger and we stopped at the store for a lemonade and to chat with friends. We were standing outside talking with a nice gentleman we'd just met and enjoying conversation when this man pulled up on his motorcycle. We saw him, smiled at him and went back to loading up getting ready to go. I buckled my niece in the booster seat, fixed her hair in a pony tail and made sure my son was buckled up. I sat down in the drivers seat and buckled myself up when this gentleman walked over to us. He asked if I was the Momma here and I said I was. He had this beautiful clay flower with a small note attached in his hand and said "I just wanted to tell you you're doing a good job, thank you for being kind and to keep up the kindness". I was floored. I told him thank you so much, that it was beautiful and to have a blessed day. He really made my day and had a huge impact on my 10 year old son. My son told him that when we saw another Momma doing a good job we would pass it along. Sometimes a simple act and a kindness from a stranger has an impact far beyond their own understanding. We've had a rough week and that really just made me honestly believe that everything will be okay and that everything happens for a reason. Thank you, kind stranger. We will pass along your kindness and can only hope that person will pass it along as well. Please know you ARE making a difference in the world!!!

Posted on August 26, 2017

Mandy Sorensen writes …

On a very hot day in the end of August, we pulled into Wahweap Marina at Lake Powell in Arizona. It was the start of a week long boating trip that included our family of 5 (three young boys), our closest friends and their two boys, and my husband's parents. My husband had grown up vacationing on this lake and was excited to share all the beauty and adventure with us. As we were just about done unloading our tons and tons of gear in the hot, hot sun, I looked up to see a Ben's Bell hanging from the sign post in front of our car. My first instinct was that someone must have lost or forgotten it, so I was inclined to take it into the visitor center for safe keeping. When I read the tag, I was surprised and touched, and decided it needed to come with us on the boat. We gave it a ring whenever one of the kids showed kindness, and the breeze caught it each morning as a reminder to fill our hearts with sunshine that day. It is now home with us in Seattle, where it will continue to remind us of the great memories we shared on that trip, and to lead with love every day.

Posted on August 22, 2017

Jeanie writes …

I work in a conversation store in Drumright, Oklahoma and today I had a customer come in. He grabbed my hand and handed me a little piece of paper with a little flower tied to it. Followed by him saying (I want you to have this and thank you the few times I have been in here, you are always so sweet and kind) then told me how much it meant to him. I had to fight back tears as I watched him walk out and get on his motorcycle. The gentleman will never realize how much he impacted me. My husband died 17 years ago on August 8th; this time of year is still very hard and I still have days were I feel like that 25 year old widow with 2 babies in a lost world. I was blessed by an angel today! I am so thankful to the people in my life, especially the ones I thought I was invisible to. This little flower tied to a small paper has more power than you realize.

Thank you so much for what you have done for people. I want you to know that today, 8/13/17, what you are doing matters and you can help heal a heart.

With Love and Kindness

Posted on August 13, 2017

Susan Denison writes …

What a surprise. I saw the sun shining on something colorful in the young tree as I was leaving the MD Anderson Cancer Center. I just completed my second week of radiation therapy. I went to examine the thing in the tree and was so excited to find a Ben's Bell. Receiving this surprise, and the tag said I could bring it home, was such a blessing. I needed that kindness that day. I will enjoy my bell but plan to return it soon so another person coming or going from radiation will be blessed. Thanks to whom ever hung this bell. I'm truly grateful for the unexpected kindness. Susan

Posted on August 8, 2017

Sharon Hanley writes …

On July 20 we were in Newport, CT. We were waiting for the skiff to take us back to our cruise ship. We were looking for shade, so we were under a tree. My husband, Dan, looked up and saw a wind chime. He read the card and took the chime down.
We were so excited to be able to find a chime and the wisdom written on the card.
It was so special to find and we shared the story/chime with the people on the skiff. We will be proud to hang it and tell the story to our family and friends. Thank You!

Posted on July 26, 2017

Jacqueline writes …

Today I was in the ER with my 10 year old daughter (who happens to be Autistic). Gloria, the lady who goes to each room to check on you and do billing, came in to do so for us. My daughter has a fixation on asking people where they are from, where their family comes from, and where they would like to go. She is truly full of questions! Unprompted, when our time with Gloria was up, my daughter kindly asked her to have a wonderful day despite the rain, and thanked her for coming to visit us and asking us the mandatory questions. Gloria reached into her pocket and gave us a coin! She said my daughter was probably the nicest kid she had met in a long time, special needs or not, and the proof was in the way she spoke and how polite she was. Apparently, parents don't teach their kids manners anymore?! Who knew! Made my day to think something so simple made her day enough to give us a coin! Will def carry it forward!

Posted on July 24, 2017

Maxine johnson writes …

Just left the mayo clinic after spending the day with my husband; he had surgery yesterday. We are a long from our home in Newfoundland, Canada. I could hear a bell and saw this beautiful bell hanging in a tree. It was so nice to see and then it said I could take it. Thank you. It's my birthday today and it was such a beautiful gift. I will pay it forward. Thank you!!

Posted on July 22, 2017

Carrie writes …

Hello! My name is Carrie. I live in Boston, Massachusetts. I work as a barista in a very busy coffee shop. Today while at work, I was training someone new. I was trying my best to offer great customer service, train our new person, and make sure customers received their drinks in a timely manner! Needless to say I was slightly stressed. I always try to smile, even when I do not feel like smiling. My daughter tells me to always smile, because it feels better, and she is right! So I notice a customer has been waiting very patiently for her drink, I offered her a smile, and reassurance her drink was on its way. I also apologized for the delay. After I hand her the drink, she, in turn, hands me a Ben's Bell Kindness Coin! I had never seen one before! I was both surprised and captivated! I thanked her so much, I told her she made my day. I felt so elated and happy, and it really put a spring in my step for the remainder of my day at work. This little coin is just lovely, and a wonderful reminder to be kind. If only the whole world could just be kind. It is really a very simple act, and has amazing benefits. When I came home from work, I found a cord to hang my coin from. I am wearing it as a necklace. I decided to go online and learn about where my coin came from. I was so happy to learn I can order more coins so that I can spread more kindness.

Posted on July 11, 2017

Vicki Doyle writes …

Last October my father made his annual trek to Tucson from Greenwood Indiana. We got to do all of the special things he loved to do--including eating at Guadalajara Grill while enjoying mariachi music--his favorite. With his appreciation for art and creativity, we thought he'd enjoy painting some bells after a visit to the UA Museum of Art. We have a special photo of us all painting bells--a fun and simple way to spend time together. Two weeks ago dad passed at 79 years old and my husband and I went back to Indy to handle his affairs. EVERY SINGLE person we encountered during that difficult and whirlwind week went above and beyond to help us--I'd say dad had a guiding hand it the process too. As a thank you to several people--we are sending several people those pictures of dad enjoying Mexican food and painting Ben's Bells along with a bell, of course! A lovely tribute to my dad. I'm grateful for all Ben's Bells does--for everyone this wonderful organization touches. XOX

Posted on July 8, 2017

Sharon Simpson writes …

I am a volunteer for Ben's Bells and bought a new Ben's Bells, Be Kind T shirt recently. I usually just wear it at Ben's Bells events but this new shirt is so comfortable I have started wearing it while going about my usual daily activities.

On the first occasion I was taking a walk and a young boy stopped me and asked if I worked at a nearby elementary school. I told him I didn't and wondered out loud why he asked. He said they had a mural at his school like the one I had on my shirt. Before I knew it, his mother and 2 brothers came over and we started talking about Ben's Bells, Jeannette's story, and how to volunteer . They seemed very interested and said they might come into one of the studios.

I have worn the shirt many times since and often people say they like it. But today, I was in the lobby of a health care clinic I frequent and since we have to wait about 1/2 hour each visit and usually the other people don't chat much , I brought a book to read. Today a woman asked about the shirt and the project and I began to tell her and before I know it the whole lobby had joined in. This is a T shirt that keeps on giving- Kindness.

Posted on July 5, 2017

Diane jHaivala writes …

I had never heard of Ben's Bell's Project before. In Buffalo, SD, we have a Centennial Park which we built with donations, bricks and volunteers in 2009. It is a beautiful, peaceful place. Today we were pleasantly surprised when we found a Ben's Bell hanging from one of our Buffalo Berry Bushes! I came home & looked it up online. What a beautiful idea. Thank you so much to the person who visited our wonderful park & left a bell there.

Posted on July 2, 2017

Jessica writes …

I work for a Social Services office in Tempe. Generally Monday's are our busiest day and I end up leaving my office at the end of the day exhausted and cranky due to being an introvert in an extremely extroverted position! Monday, June 19, was no exception!

After driving to work in crazy rush hour traffic, having dealt with heat exhausted homeless individuals, people on the phone in crisis, and simply just the hustle and bustle of Monday, I was exhausted by 10am!

Low and behold, in walks one of our regulars with this BEAUTIFUL wind chime! He hands it to me and says "I found this at a bus stop in Scottsdale, I want to give it to you!" Normally I decline any sort of gifts but this looked special, when I read the attached tag, a huge smile came on my face! I started showing it to my office mates, and sending photos of it to my friends and family! Next step, look up the website! And here I am. :)

What a beautiful reminder of Romans 12:9 "Don't just pretend to love others, Really love them, Hate what is wrong, hold tightly to what is good!" Thank you to whomever placed that bell at the bus stop. It met a need in me that day that I will never forget! It will always hang in my office as a reminder to continue being kind! God bless you all!

Posted on June 20, 2017

Analiese writes …

I found a Ben's Bell in Boise, Idaho. I had a long and exhausting day after a month of emotional distress. College is difficult and stressful, especially because I'm trying to get into nursing school. I decided to walk my dog to get some fresh air and to remind myself why I keep going, why I get up every day. I heard a ringing in the trees and was curious so I followed it, happening upon a bell. It was a beautiful reminder of the kindness that lives on in this world and the impact I want to have. Thank you so much.

Posted on June 14, 2017

Irene writes …

My partner and I were walking around the downtown Jacksonville [Florida] area just enjoying the sights when we came across the bell hanging on a fence near by (we had already passed it once and not noticed it). It was quite a pleasant surprise and after seeing where the studio locations are I am excited that we managed to come across one!

Posted on June 11, 2017

Nikki writes …

I am a teacher, and the last week of school was really hard for me. I was mentally and physically exhausted almost to my breaking point. Then, I walked in one morning and saw something strange in the tree. It was a beautiful Ben's Bell that had obviously been put together by a child (I could tell by the painting and the beads used). It almost brought me to tears... That little reminder to be kind in the midst of all the stress and exhaustion was enough to pull me through the week.

Posted on May 29, 2017

Harrison writes …

My Fiancée and I were walking in Scottsdale, Arizona today on a nice green stretch. It was her idea to get out and go walking and I wanted to show her a park that I used to frequent about 10 years ago. Having been such a long time ago, it took me a while to find the park but once we did it was worth it. We went down a nice trail I used to run on towards a little artificial lake. We found some sprinklers and threw our faces in front of them. On our way back we noticed hanging from a tree was a nice little hanging flower. I spotted it and got closer and read a kind little message. We decided to take it and will hang it in our home as a reminder of kindness and will, in the future, most likely hang one of our own.

Posted on May 20, 2017

Dawn Smith writes …

I was lucky enough to find a Ben's Bell on Long Beach Island in NJ. It could not have been at a better time. My Gram had passed and I was missing her. My daughter and husband and I happened to be taking a walk by the bay and my daughter said hey Mom do you hear that? It sounds like a little bell. We looked up and hanging in the gazebo was the prettiest little Ben's Bell. I took it as a sign that my Gram was watching over us. <3 It made our day.

Posted on May 11, 2017

Randi Heiselman writes …

I have a good friend in Tucson named Julie and her 2 niece's live with her mom. She has cared for them for a few years now while her dad is in the military. Just this week her older niece was nominated Ben's Bells students to of the week!! She is the most amazing little girl. Even through her medical problems she is always so happy and positive! I would post a picture of here here but I can't. They took a picture of her holding one of your Ben's Bells in front of a huge wall sign made out of ceramic tiles that says Be Kind! She was kind of bummed she could keep it, they hang it in her class all week, but she was super excited to be nominated as this week's Ben's Bells student of the week.

Posted on May 9, 2017

Sarah writes …

I have heard of Ben's Bells and wondered if I would ever find one. On an ordinary trip tonight to Safeway, there in the tree in the parking lot I saw my gift of a Ben's Bell! Just an ordinary day with a special gift at the end. Thank you!

Posted on May 8, 2017