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Martha French writes …

Today a passing stranger stopped to greet Jasper, my one-year-old dog, as I was walking him in the park. As she asked me about Jasper, I explained that he was a rescue dog. He had been given up to a Humane Society in Baltimore, MD, by people who crated him for 11 hours a day until they finally admitted that they couldn't care for him. As we were parting, the stranger gave me a Ben's Bells Kindness Coin, which I knew nothing about--now I do, thanks to the Internet. That tangible act of kindness was so meaningful to me--since adopting Jasper nine months ago I've often been overwhelmed by his exercise needs and his other...umm...endearing traits (he's a barker). I feel somehow that all of the hours I spend walking him and training him to be his best dog-self have been acknowledged. What an amazing gift!

Posted on May 2, 2017

Emilie writes …

I just found a Ben's Bell in New York. (playground on houston street and 1 st avenue). I brought it home and it made everyone happy! Thanks, Emilie

Posted on April 28, 2017

Jaime Early writes …

5 years ago, I was at a park in Chandler, AZ with my 2 year old daughter and my mother-in-law who was visiting from Indiana. While at the park we received a phone call that my mother-in-law's mother (who was my daughters great-grandmother) had fallen and was taken to the hospital in Indiana. When we left the park we spotted a Ben's Bell in a tree. We took it home and that night it took on a whole new meaning when we learned that my daughters great-grandmother had passed away. Our family went through some very difficult times after her passing and I am just now feeling able to tell the story. The bell still hangs in my daughters room today as a reminder of her great-grandmother, kindness and the power of healing. I believe that it was not a coincidence that we found the bell on that day. Thank you!

Posted on April 22, 2017

Alba Chester writes …

Today at a Volunteered Breakfast at our Elementary School I was the Lucky raffle winner of a Ben's Bell. It is my favorite green color with the butterfly... How lucky am I? It brought be so much joy on a busy Monday morning! I was glad that I took the time to stop at that breakfast...It really made my day! At the end of a long day, all my beautiful children in bed I decided to go here in your website and find out more. Love the meaning of the bell and the message it spreads out... we do need more kindness. Now I have a great gift idea and continue to spread your message! Thank you!

Posted on April 17, 2017

Allie Whittaker writes …

I had never heard of Bens Bells, be kind step up. I was on vacation in Jamaica and I was hanging out at a bonfire with 2 girls. Greta and Ellie, we wanted to make more friends to hang out with so we walked up to 2 girls and we asked them they're names, how old they were, where they lived, etc. Caroline and Libby, twins, very nice! We hung out that night and for the rest of the week, I told Caroline that I liked her bracelet and she told me i could have it and at first I was confused and then she told me about the be kind step up! I think its a wonderful way to spread kindness.

Posted on April 11, 2017

Patty writes …

I had never heard of Ben's Bells until I found this lovely creation hanging on a fence outside the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh. I was attending the Edinburgh Yarn Festival and can only speculate that someone from Ben's Bells in the US had hung it there. I must say it brightened my day and is a symbol of the many acts of kindness I experienced on my trip. I live in western Canada and was overwhelmed by the many people who helped me along my journey with directions, recommendations and general friendship. I will hang my bell on my patio as a reminder of both my trip and of how an act of kindness can brighten one's day. Thank you.

Posted on March 24, 2017

Rachel McFarland writes …

I have known about Ben's Bells for years and have always been hopeful that I would one day find one. I love the focus of this organization and what Ben's Bells stands for.
My husband and I had to pull over to look on our phones for directions. I looked around to get my bearings and something caught my eye in a nearby tree. I immediately knew what it was and became so excited! My husband had no idea what was going on as I was shouting "it's a Ben's Bell!" and jumping out of the car.
I love this bell which will be a constant visual reminder to us in our home.
Thank you!

Posted on March 11, 2017

Sarah Gillette writes …

This morning I arrived at my job at The Learning Experience, where i am preschool teacher. I was in a rush and grumpy because it was a Monday morning. As i got out of my car I could see there was something hanging from the tree that is just outside my classroom. I assumed it was something that may have blown and gotten stuck in the high winds we have had the past few days. To my delight and surprise when i got to the tree I saw the lovely bell and the note attached. I brought a huge smile to my face and made me mist up a little. What a wonderful way to start my week. Thank you.

Posted on March 6, 2017

Jessica Sage-Rosenblatt writes …

Thank you! I teach at Hillcrest Middle School in Trumbull, CT. Yesterday morning I arrived early at school and found a beautiful Ben's Bells on the side door to the building. What a beautiful way to start the day! I brought the hanging chime into my classroom & attached it to our front board. Throughout the day I talked to my 6th grade students about being kind. Some students were familiar with the organization and its mission. Today I will follow-up by showing the students the "Intro" video on the Ben's Bells website. They will be excited to learn that they may get involved with the group in nearby Bethel. Again, thanks so much for making the world a kinder place !!!

All the Best,
Jessica Sage-Rosenblatt

Posted on March 2, 2017

Monica Haro Lyall writes …

My husband and I just picked up our little ones from Grandma's house on a busy weekday after work and felt too tired to cook at home so we decided to pick up some KFC. Is a rainy day and a lot of traffic in the parking lot and surrounding areas. My husband held a door open for an elderly woman and we had no idea what we were going to order. We discussed with ourselves what to purchase and couldn't believe it was 31 dollars to get a 12 piece meal. So we decided to have the elderly lady who walked in after us to go first since she was only ordering for herself and not a family. When we finally decided on our order the cashier told us it would be 24 dollars for the 12 piece family meal and discovered that the elderly woman had paid with for a portion of our 12 piece meal. I handed her a kindness coin and let her know to pass on the coin to the next person and thanked her for her generosity and hope that someone will repay her with the same. She was extremely happy to see that we thanked her and to receive a coin that she heard about but had to have it be her first.

Posted on March 1, 2017

Andre writes …

I was hiking with my dog in the Tumalo Reservoir area (Oregon) and found the bell hanging on a tree. The bells make a pleasant ring and it was a heartwarming find. I have them hanging off my garage entry door to remind when I leave everyday to remember kindness. I just might make one of my own chimes and leave it in Ben's honor...

Posted on March 1, 2017

Ann Doolittle writes …

I found a beautiful bell today in Milford, while walking my dog at Gulf Beach. I am a volunteer and have created a few bells during my time at the studio. Finding this one today has brought such joy to my heart and much more meaning the work I do there. Truly a gift for the soul. Thank you to whomever hung it at one of the most meaningful places in my life.

Posted on February 25, 2017

Mike Libertini writes …

Today, my daughter came home from school and told me she got a kindness coin. I really didn't pay much attention until she gave it to me and I saw that it was a Ben's Bells Kindness Coin. She said that she and a classmate were nominated by her class and someone came and took a picture. I was particularly struck by this as she is in 1st grade and I was a responder to Sandy Hook. I think it's wonderful that you do this. Thank you...

LT Michael Libertini
Bethel Police
Bethel, CT

Posted on February 13, 2017

Dan Schmitz writes …

I bought several of the mini Ben Bells around Christmas time last year. I gave them to my Mom, my nieces, my nephews, and my brother in law. All are in memory of my sister Cathy who passed away suddenly in November 2016. You see there is a story behind the bells. About 20 years ago my partner passed away in my arms. My sister Cathy and my Mom were there when he did. The patio door was opened and I had several wind chimes hanging on my patio. Right after my partner passed, the wind chimes that I bought him for his birthday that year were the only wind chimes that were chiming. All the others were not. My sister Cathy said this " listen Dan, he is letting us know that he is Okay. Those words from her gave me much comfort. So when my sister passed I thought of what she said to me. So I bought the bells for my niece, nephews, brother in law, and Mom to hang. I wrote a note and said this: When you hear the bells ring, your mother will be near and watching after you. When you need her to comfort you, or are thinking of her just ring the bell and she will come. I bought a bell for myself and I watch it everyday. Just seeing the bell has brought me much comfort. I hope that your bells can bring you much happiness and comfort too.

Posted on February 8, 2017

Laurie N writes …

Greetings! Early in December my friend and I drove to Downtown Chandler from Show Low area to attend a Baha'i workshop. We stopped for a bite to eat and before heading back across the street to the Community Center, my friend introduced me to Geo Cacheing. When we found the site, she was searching the small crevices on sculpture, when I spotted a Ben's Bell. Never having Geo Cached before, I asked if this was what we were looking for. She said no, read the note and said I should keep it and take it home, just like the note said. So now I will share this little ray of sunshine with someone else and hang it in the local park on Valentine's Day. Thank you for your efforts toward spreading Kindness. Much love, Laurie

Posted on February 2, 2017

Pete writes …

We lost our only grandaughter right after christmas. I was feeling very low so i went out for a walk to help clear my head.I saw what i thought was a christmas decoration hanging in a small bush. When i got closer i saw it was a Ben's Bell.I truly feel it is a sign from my grandaughter. Thank you so much finding it has made me feel much better.

Posted on January 13, 2017

Josh writes …

I was walking in a parking lot, having a contentious phone conversation, and I noticed something in a tree the other day. I walked over and found one of Ben's Bells. It threw me because, outside of experiences with my group of friends, I'm not used to random acts of kindness from strangers. It was such an amazing feeling to find this suprise gift. It only added to my joy to think this person wasn't one part of my community, but just somebody in the world who is doing this small thing to bring happiness. It was an amazing reminder to give joy back into the world, don't just save it for the people you hold dear.

Posted on January 12, 2017

Dawn Olson writes …

Just wanted you to know that I came across a beautiful Ben's Bell on the trail at the newly opened Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park yesterday. While I know the intention of the project, I couldn't move myself to take the bell home and share again as it was such a lovely sight to turn the corner near the top of the trail after reading the 19 memorials for the fallen Hotshots. It is in a perfect place and brought a smile and hope it will continue to do so for all who go to pay their respect to these heroes.

Thanks for all you do in spreading kindness!

Posted on January 8, 2017

Janna Kirby writes …

Recently a dear friend of my mine and my family lost her very young, beautiful,smart,amazing daughter to suicide. She was a good friend of my sons. They were classmates. She was only 14.
While on a walk, yesterday I believe, this dear friend found a Ben's Bell. It was a definite sign to her, that her daughter (whom has only been gone a little over a year) was present. This touches my soul beyond belief. She has shared her good fortune on finding this bell on her facebook and it now hangs where she can see it every day! Such a beautiful reminder to her. God bless you guys. I will be making a donation to your organization. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Janna Kirby

Posted on January 7, 2017

Marie S. writes …

Do You Believe In Good Luck Charms?

This afternoon, I was walking into Casino Arizona (Scottsdale) and noticed a small piece of paper with a pinkish red object attached to it. I walked over to the ledge because no one was sitting around the area.

It was a Ben's Bells Kindness Coin! I loved the cute little polka dotted flower and I slipped it into my pocket. Within 30 minutes, I won a $1,045.25 jackpot from a penny slot machine!

I plan on purchasing some soon and leaving them around the city for others!

Posted on December 31, 2016