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Nina T writes …

A handful of Saturdays ago, we were at the library and noticed one hanging from a tree outside. We took it home and hung it on the office door. I love to listen to the sound. So do the cats. This weekend I moved it to the computer tower desk so I can give a little ring whenever I'm feeling rushed and overwhelmed.

Posted on March 27, 2016

Julie H writes …

Tonight I found a Ben's Bell on my evening walk, it was just hanging on a tree next to the sidewalk on a busy street. I almost walked past it when I went back to read the note and then again, almost decided not to do what it said. But it was so gorgeous that I felt like I should take it home and put it in another tree and hope that someone else can find it. Then I just got online to check this website. I hadn't heard of this awesome project and I'm excited to have found one. I was definitely feeling sorry for myself on this walk, as I'm just 6 days out from a major surgery and wanted to be further along with my healing. I needed to take this walk to get out of the house because I had been barking at my 2 kids. :)
Thanks again whoever left it for me to find.
Julie in Boise, Idaho

Posted on March 27, 2016

Brandon L writes …

I was touched to find a Ben's Bell on the URI campus right before Spring Break. Where it seemed like everyone has the chance to go home or away on vacation, but I was staying on campus. After finding the Ben's Bell I was reminded of how fortunate I was to even have a spring break and be able to have as many wonderful friends that I do, near and far. I hope to keep spreading the simple, but necessary message of Ben's Bells and keep spreading kindness forward.

Posted on March 23, 2016

Tracy D. writes …

Today after working all day volunteering to set up the Air Show on Davis-Monthan AFB I found a Ben's Bells just hanging from one of the barriers. Just as I was leaving to go home for the day I saw a pretty wind chime hanging from a barrier. I showed it to my friend and we read the card, she is the one who persuaded me to take the bell. I was so touched by this act of kindness. Now as I spend my weekend volunteering for the Air Show I will be thinking of this generous gift and planning how I can pay it forward. I never imagined I would find a Ben's Bells on and Air Force Base, this just goes to show that random acts of kindness are everywhere. Thank you to the kind soul who placed this where I found it, I will be forever grateful and I will make sure I pass it on!

Posted on March 11, 2016

Julie DeLaFuente writes …

I was walking my dog Skyler at Udahll Park when I noticed something colorful hanging from the doorknob of a utility building. I walked over and saw this beautiful bell with a note explaining what it was. I had seen the Be Kind Murals and heard of Ben's Bells but to actually find one made me soooo happy! I have it hanging on my back porch and seem to tell the story of finding it to many. Everyday it's a reminder to me to be kind. thank you for such a random act of kindness. Julie, Tucson AZ

Posted on March 10, 2016

Kristel Andersen writes …

My daughter and I found our beautiful Ben's Bells yesterday afternoon while leaving her school in Norwalk, CT! What a pleasant surprise after having such a hard and emotionally draining week. Thank you for sending me a beautiful random act of kindness when it was most needed :o) Will continue to pay it forward :o)

Posted on March 9, 2016

Vivian Derouin writes …

I spotted this at the entrance to the valley trail in Trumbull, CT today. My first thought is that someone dropped it and someone placed it there so it could be found. I looked closer and read the writing on it: I was too happy to take it home as a memory to be kinder. All . The . Time .
It resonates with a quote from Jewel: In the end, only kindness matters. I believe this to be true.
I believe this spiritually, not religiously as I've grown older. Kindness makes a difference.

Posted on March 5, 2016

Marge writes …

Today started like any other Saturday. I was playing golf and as I approached the 9th hole there hanging from a tree was a Ben's Bell. At first I read the card smiled and started to walk away when I realized it said to take the bell. Since taking that bell this morning I have smiled all day and have just a warm feeling inside. I hope to help spread kindness and to remember the wonderful feeling finding Ben's Bell gave me.

Thank you..

Posted on March 5, 2016

Brandie Campbell writes …

I lost my grandma in December (she raised me and was more like my mother). I was having a bad day and really missing her so I decided to stop by the cemetery to visit. I parked next to the tree that she had planted for my grandpa 16 years ago when he passed and I just happened to park on the side where the bell was hanging, I wouldn't have seen it otherwise. It made my day just a bit better finding this. It's like my grandma knew I needed a little pick me up and had that special person put it in just the right spot.

Posted on February 29, 2016

Madliena Williamson writes …

Found my beautiful ornament at green cay nature center in boynton beach FL
Was getting out from my car to find this hanging from a tree.. wasn't sure if I could take it until I read the note attached to it said to take it home.
Very kind of you guys
I ♡ it
Thank you :)

Posted on February 25, 2016

Nika Kovis & Kristine Meacham writes …

I work at a small consignment clothing store called Epic Exchange in Meridian, Idaho. While closing, I noticed a small charm nestled in one of our main displays. Curious, we looked up the meaning of Ben's Bells, and were touched that someone would anonymously thank us for our kindness!

Posted on February 23, 2016

Zach writes …

In 2012 my fiance and I were at the park in Champaign IL with our two children and we spotted a Ben's Bell hanging from a tree. After learning the meaning of Ben's Bell, we were truly touched. We have found two more and chose to leave the third so another person could be touched by Ben's Bell. We think that the idea of Ben's Bells is truly fantastic!

Posted on February 21, 2016

John B writes …

I had the profound honor and fortune to stumble upon a Ben's Bell today. I found mine in Tucson, at Broadway and Alvernon, near the Stewart Title & Trust building. I was wrapping up a construction project on the building when something caught my eye, hanging in a nearby shrub. After reading the attached label, I was overcome with curiosity for this randomly placed object. I took it home and immediately started reading about Ben's Bells from the website.

I was momentarily saddened to hear about the tragedy that precipitated this project. But more importantly, I am glad to be a small part of such a large movement. This is a beautiful way to honor a life and spread a simple message: Be Kind. This bell will hang in my home as a gentle reminder to myself, my family and all those who visit us.

Thank you to all those inspired, created and volunteered their time for this single, simple gesture of kindness, which I will do my very best to help extend into perpetuity.

Posted on February 15, 2016

Stephanie Sundberg writes …

Hi my name is Stephanie I found a bens Bells at my Safeway at 67th and Beardsley In Arizona and I didn't know what is was until I read the paper on it and I took it home and read the story behind it and when I found it if brought me happniess I will spread kindness to the world thank you for bringing it to my store

Posted on February 9, 2016

Verlene (Vee) Herrington writes …

About 10 years ago I found a bell in Bisbee, AZ. My son, Will Herrington, had just awakened from a coma and the bell was so appreciated. It was a sign. He recovered but then he died this week and all I want to do his cherish the bell. Thanks.

Posted on February 2, 2016

Susie Burns writes …

I was walking my dog in Glendale while my husband was in a battery store. The beautiful bell was on a ledge. I read the card and was so touched. I left it though. I went back to the car and after reading about kindness with intention, I went back for the bell. I plan on taking it to my retirement community in Surprise and leaving it for someone to find. What an amazing gesture of thoughtfulness. Thank you! I shall pay it forward.

Posted on December 19, 2015

Ivana Giannuzzi writes …

I found a Ben's bell in Trieste (Italy) two days ago, hanging on a tree near the city castle: what a beautiful surprise!! I've been very lucky because I'm not from there, I was visiting the city as a tourist that morning and I saw it: I read the tag and the message made me smile; I took it, thinking that the purpose of that little bell, coming from a country so far away, was awesome... An act of kindness can dissolve the distances of the Earth and bind people all over the world!! Thank you!!
I'll be kind and I'll spread kindness in my turn!! ;)

Posted on December 14, 2015

Sherry S writes …

On Tuesday morning (12/8) I was walking my dog at Steele Indian School Park, as I do every morning, and came across a bell hanging from a tree branch. I have been in a "bah-humbug" mood lately, and this finding lifted me up. I had never heard of
Ben's Bells before this awesome finding.
With awe and curiosity I took the bell home, smiling all the way. I thank the person
who hung that bell, it really made my day. This is a truly sweet project that I hope to become a part of in the near future.


Posted on December 10, 2015

Donna Z. writes …

I found a Ben’s Bell today, I am HAPPY.
While walking my Chocolate Lab, Cocoa, there, hanging from the branch of an evergreen tree, I spotted it. A shiny object reflecting in the moon’s light. I stopped to take a closer look and saw a beautifully crafted piece of art with a bell dangling from its bottom. Not knowing what it meant, I carried it home and listened to the sound of its bell ringing as I walked in the night with my dog, feeling very happy inside.

I found a Ben’s Bell today, I feel so SPECIAL.
Why me? Why on my walk, that I routinely do every evening with my dog, should I find this very special gift? The thought of someone carefully making it by hand, stringing each sculpted piece together, and placing it in just the right spot for someone to find is very unique. Yes, I truly was meant to find this special gift.

I found a Ben’s Bell today, I am BLESSED.
The Bell’s simple message of intentional kindness is very uplifting and empowering. During this dark time of hatred in the world and the feeling of hopelessness and despair, we certainly need to carry on this simple act of kindness. I am blessed to have received it and will continue to extend it.
Donna Z. – Stratford, CT

Posted on December 9, 2015

Jaime Jenett writes …

This past weekend, I visited a dear friend who just moved to Tucson. As we were getting ready to take me to the airport, she handed me a small clay token with a tag attached and explained that it was to be given to anyone I observed showing kindness.

As I was going through security, I noticed a mother and a very cranky toddler ahead. I was about to offer to help when I realized that a young man (whom it turns out was a stranger to her) was already helping her. He took her stroller all the way to the gate, sat with her belonging while she took her son to get a snack and carried her stroller to help her get in line. I ended up in line right behind him and was thrilled when i remembered my "be kind" token. His face lit up when I gave it to him as he said he had heard about the project and the tokens but never seen one. He immediately vowed to pass it on .

My now 7-year old son got critically ill when he was a baby and through his illness, we have been fortunate enough to be the recipients of an incredible amount of kindness from loved ones and strangers. I try to look for ways to do Random Acts of Kindness but I've just felt so overwhelmed with life these days, it's been hard to keep it going. I realized that your project is the perfect mental health intervention in these troubled times because it trains our brains not only to look for opportunities to help, but to see the kindness happening all around us. The more we train our brains to see the good around us, the stronger the "people are good" messages will be and will replace the "everything is terrible/we're in danger/don't trust anyone" messages we're being bombarded with.

I live in Oakland California and I want to find a way to set up a project here to recognize the kindness that is all around us.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Posted on December 7, 2015