Make Your Donation Count This Summer

Ben’s Bells has worked diligently for over 21 years to promote the importance of intentional kindness in the Tucson community and all over the world.

With support from individuals like you, Ben’s Bells recently launched an innovative program called the Growing a Kind Community project. This project creates a meaningful way for children to practice kindness in the classroom, school, neighborhood, and community. Growing a Kind Community identifies underserved neighborhoods and the elementary schools that feed into their middle school. Each school in the neighborhood receives a mural, a kindness assembly, and personal kindness coaching for school staff. Every classroom also receives Kindness Coins to help students and teachers recognize and acknowledge kindness in actions. Built on our most successful programs, Kind Campus and Murals, Growing a Kind Community adds a new year-long, multi-touch component that creates a deeper connection to kindness.

Traditionally Ben’s Bells works with one school at a time. This project works to build systematic kindness in an entire community. Our initial Midtown neighborhood prioritizes four underserved elementary schools within a 5-mile radius that feed into one middle school. The second neighborhood is in South Tucson with seven elementary schools and one middle school. In just six months, we have fully funded six of the 13 schools. With your support, all 4,870 children will start the program this fall! 

Ben’s Bells programs have proven to foster a positive environment of practiced kindness with increased student and staff engagement, as well as decreased bullying and better attendance. These benefits ripple into the entire community surrounding the 13 campuses who will receive our kindness programming and mosaic murals. 

Principal Catherine Burke of Hollinger Elementary school, located in South Tucson, cried with joy when she learned her school would be receiving a mural in the fall. “Our school practices kindness daily and has been wanting a mural for years!” 

“We are looking forward to this partnership and implementing this intentional practice of kindness into our Doolen community for years to come. Thank you for helping us reach a Higher Ground together!” said Kim Clark, Doolen Site Director for Higher Ground.

Your support of $25 or more this summer helps provide the resources needed to build on our systematic community of kindness. With its success we hope to bring it to other communities.

Can underserved local students count on you?