Make Your Donation Count This Summer

Your support helps local high school students connect with our community through kindness while preparing for college.

As an end-of-year project, the students and staff at the Upward Bound (UB) program chose to focus on connecting with their community through kindness.
UB raised funds to promote and learn about kindness with their student mentees on their last day of programming. They purchased a kit of 300 Kindness Coins and beads to glaze and decorate, and invited me to speak about the power of kindness and the science behind it. They learned about their potential to practice and support kindness in the community, as well as the difference between being “nice” vs. “kind” and the impact of kindness on Social Media.
Let me tell you a bit about UB. It’s an inspiring part of Pima Community College’s TRiO college opportunity programs. UB works with potential first-generation Latinx college students from Cholla and Pueblo High Schools. Students are paired with a University of Arizona Latinx undergraduate who provides mentoring and support to ensure each participant can not only envision, but achieve, college enrollment. One of the major components of the UB program is connecting participants to their community through service.
During my visit I smiled as students reflected on their own “Be Kind” mural on their campus and the power of daily visual reminders to practice kindness. Inspired by our Founder’s story, they shared the struggles they had personally faced during the pandemic, including feeling alone, struggling in school, and losing loved ones. They discussed ways they’d seen kindness grow in themselves during their time at UB and how it created a ripple effect in their communities. These students connected through their meaningful conversations and personal reflection, planting seeds of kindness that will continue to grow. At the end of my visit I knew these students would someday change the world.
Connecting with our community through kindness filled our students’ hearts and is something they’ll carry throughout every aspect of their lives. We are proud to see this year’s students do a service project that empowers them to create a culture of kindness in their school and beyond,” says Project Director of UB, Arlette Perez.
Twenty years ago, Ben’s Bells’ Founder, Jeannette Maré, chose to share her journey of healing and hope by connecting with her community through kindness. With your support, Ben’s Bells has grown from an initial Bell distribution to an organization that offers kindness education programming, beautiful murals, community engagement and volunteer opportunities, and so much more! We’re grateful for the support we’ve received that allows us to make a difference for students like those at UB.

Your support this summer provides kindness education to students like those at Cholla and Pueblo High Schools. Can we count on you to provide field trips and community outreach to underserved local students with a donation of $50 or more?