third party fundraising guidelines

The Ben’s Bells name and brand are our greatest assets. To protect and maintain them, we partner with organizations and individuals that are reputable and have products, interests and values that support our mission — promoting the importance of intentional kindness.

Event Publicity and Promotion
•    Permission to use the Ben’s Bells name in advertising, promotion or on site at the event or in relation to the product must be made in advance, in writing, before the distribution of press-releases, printing of materials, etc. 

•    Ben’s Bells reserves the right to edit any materials produced (print or electronic) for the event or product promotion that describes the purpose of and services provided by Ben’s Bells.

•    Ben’s Bells does not release its list of friends or supporters, nor does a fundraising event agreement guarantee a Facebook post or email to Ben’s Bells friends and supporters about the fundraising event.

•    If Ben’s Bells is not the sole beneficiary of proceeds (net profit from event), that fact must be indicated in all press releases, promotional material and at the event and in relation to product promotion.

•    Fund raising must be conducted under the guidance of the event’s sponsoring organization, not Ben’s Bells, so as not to conflict with Ben’s Bells request for funding from individuals, businesses and organizations. Ben’s Bells may be mentioned as the beneficiary of an event or product sales in fund raising solicitations if Ben’s Bells has approved the activity in advance.

Event Costs and Accounting
•    Ben’s Bells will not incur any event-related costs, including, but not limited to, postage, printing, purchasing tickets, booth space costs, “giveaways” and/or sponsorship. The event organizer will be solely responsible for all operational aspects of the event including, but not limited to, the safe and lawful conduct of the event and ensuring that the event is conducted in a professional manner befitting the parties’ respective outstanding public images.

•    Ben’s Bells assumes no liability for the event participants or consumers of the product.  

•    Ben’s Bells reserves the right to not participate in any event or activity