Agents of Kindness CT/NY

Welcome new residents to their kind community while making an impact! Ben’s Bells has been teaching about the benefits of kindness and inspiring people to practice kindness for over 20 years, creating real community growth and change. New residents may begin to notice our green “Be Kind” flower on bumper stickers, school murals, and elsewhere. Create a warm welcome while showcasing our community’s kindness through our Agents of Kindness program. Your support helps to fund our open community studios, kindness education programming, and so much more.

 Ways to Engage as an Agent of Kindness:

  • Purchase Kind Kits: The perfect way to thank and welcome new homeowners! Choose -from our inspiration kits below!

Kind Home $64 + Tax:  9oz candle $28, Hand soap $6, Tea towel $12,                          Kindness coin 10 pack $20 

Kind Neighbor $55 + Tax: Kindness Coin 10 pack, Kind Notes $5, CT                          Ornament $30

Kind Pets $51 + Tax: Paw Ornaments $26, Kindness coin 10 pack $20,                              Kind notes $5

Kind Teacher $50+ Tax: Apple ornament $25, Kindness coin 10 pack $20,                       Kind notes $5

Kind Kids: Necklace for each child $18 each, Flower ornament $18,                            Kindness coin 10 pack $20

  • Pledge: Pledge to donate to Ben’s Bells each time you sell a home – the amount is up to you!
  • Volunteer: Volunteer at Ben’s Bells or create a fun group engagement activity for your professional group or clients!
  • Spread the Word: Share your testimonial with us and/or on your social media, tell your colleagues about the program, share info about Ben’s Bells with new residents, etc.!

Agent Testimonial: 

Bob Jaekle

Why do you support Ben’s Bells:

I believe in the impact that acts of intentional kindness can have on building better communities… one new family and one neighborhood at a time.

I came across Ben’s Bells over a dozen years ago after our family moved back to my hometown of Stratford, CT. My sons were grade-school age at the time and their school was using the Kind Campus program and several Stratford schools had Be Kind murals. Over the next several years, I noticed these brightly colored ‘coins’ would appear around our house every now and then, each one would have some message of kindness attached addressed to my sons or maybe to our family as a whole. I honestly didn’t think too much about them.

Then a few years ago, my sons and I went through a really difficult time and through a series of incredible events, I came to appreciate the true impact that KINDNESS has in connecting us with others and how important and impactful spreading the message of intentional kindness can be. I also knew that helping to spread that message was something I needed to do. I knew I needed to do more to help Ben’s Bells.

I’ve also been in the mortgage business for over two decades and a few years ago I started to support Ben’s Bells by buying closing gifts for my clients. I’d buy them a few of the Ben’s Bells kindness coins so they could reach out to their new neighbors as they welcomed them to their new home. I would also buy ornaments to hang somewhere in their new home as a reminder to ‘be kind’ to others and remind visitors they were guests in a kind home. Eventually, we started to donate to Ben’s Bells after successful closings.

What is your involvement with this initiative:

Earlier this year, I was asked to be on an advisory call with Ben’s Bells to discuss what we could do to increase awareness and fundraising opportunities in the communities we want to serve.

We created the Kinder Community Initiative to showcase the impact our real estate professionals can have in helping us build kinder communities…one closed sale and one “new to the neighborhood” family at a time. Who better to ask to help support such an important message and mission than the people who help bring new families and neighbors to our town.

And that’s why I am happy to be registered as an Agent of Kindness for the Ben’s Bells Kinder Community Initiative.

What is your involvement with this initiative:

I’m pledging to make 20 donations and to share tools of Kindness with my clients.


Ready to be an Agent of Kindness?

Email us at ct@bensbells.org