In 2002, Ben’s Bells founder Jeannette Maré’s life changed forever when her son, Ben, died suddenly just before his third birthday. In the months following his death, she and her friends and family began making ceramic wind chimes – the first Ben’s Bells – in her backyard studio. The therapeutic effect of working with clay, and the power of being surrounded by people talking and working toward a common goal, helped Jeannette and her family begin to heal.

Ben’s Bells are beautiful, ceramic wind chimes, handmade by the community. By the time one Ben’s Bell is complete, at least 10 people have been involved in its creation. Ben’s Bells are hung randomly throughout the community, in public spaces, for people to find and take home as a reminder to practice intentional kindness.

Ben’s Bell beads are created in a variety of different shapes and colors, reflecting the diverse community involved in their creation. The Centerpiece, in the shape of the Ben’s Bells flower, is painted a bright solid color and stamped with a ‘bb’ to represent Ben’s Bells. The single color provides balance and features the uniquely painted beads. Bells are a symbol of kindness and its power in healing, meant to touch others’ lives and make our community a more gentle place to live. Thousands of Bells are hung each year.

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Science of Visual Reminders

Many studies support the power of visuals; visual cues are tangible and beneficial tools that foster successful learning. They help improve memory and recall, and help people understand abstract, complicated, and complex information. Visuals can also elicit an emotional response that connects learning to the human experience and reminds viewers of shared values in the space or location. In the classroom setting, “Visuals are effective in encouraging students to participate in discussion, as they are engaging them not only at cognitive level, but also at an emotional level.”

Download the Power of Visual Reminders guide for more information.

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