Kind Colleagues

“The activities included in Kind Colleagues, from the simplicity of Kind Notes to the more in-depth conversations around equanimity and kindness vs. niceness, have added so much value to the way we approach our business, staff, and guests. Thank you, Ben’s Bells.”

Rita Dorsey Boutwell

Hotel Congress; Maynard’s Market & Kitchen

“Kind Colleagues has helped us work intentionally to strengthen our internal relationships, reshaping the way we communicate and interact with one another. We have used Kind Notes and other activities from the program to actively focus on practicing and recognizing kind acts. Kind Colleagues provides us with a framework and the tools that will enable us to continue to create an environment of intentional kindness.”

Andrea Carmichael

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

“The benefit of the Kind Colleagues program is the awareness it creates. It strengthens how we practice our values, compassion, integrity, community, and dedication through our relationships with each other and our patients. Kindness is the evidence of us living our values to serve our community.”

Heather Bachman

Tucson Medical Center

The Kind Colleagues program is a unique approach to creating a kind and engaged workplace by strengthening the culture from within. It utilizes evidence-based principles for developing and honing social-emotional skills and provides a month-by-month framework that businesses and organizations can use to create a kind and effective work environment. Research demonstrates that a kind workplace reduces employee stress and increases productivity. This positive work climate benefits all stakeholders of an organization.

Integrating intentional kindness practices into the workplace supports individual employees, builds team connections, strengthens departments, and strengthens the organization overall. In other words, kindness is good for the individual, the organization, and, ultimately, the bottom line!

The program consists of science-backed lessons on the importance of kindness and its many benefits, as well as suggested activities, in order to inspire the practice of kindness as a core value in your workplace. The work of doing kindness consists of keeping kindness active and making it a part of your everyday culture. Organizations are able to choose the ideas and activities that best fit their needs.


Program includes:

  • Kind Colleagues Materials: Website access to 12 monthly guides, Kindness Quote posters, Science of Kindness posters, videos, and activities to build self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Kindness Dilemmas, Tools for Kindness, suggested activities, and more
  • Program Support from Ben’s Bells staff
  • Weekly emails delivering quick lessons and activities straight to your inbox

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