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Ben’s Bells are colorful ceramic ornaments hung in communities throughout the world as symbols of kindness for people to find and take home. Thousands of volunteers visit our studios and help us make Bells each year. By the time each Bell is hung, many hands have had a part in its journey, and it represents the efforts of an entire community coming together to make one person’s day a little kinder.

But that’s not all we do!

Ben’s Bells educates communities about the skills we need to make kindness part of our daily lives. Kindness is a skill set that can be learned, and a series of small actions practiced regularly makes a larger impact than a single random act. Our programs are designed to help us understand the human brain so we can develop our awareness and compassion – both for ourselves and others.



intentional kindness

Ben’s Bells teaches individuals and communities about the positive impacts of intentional kindness and inspires people to practice kindness as a way of life.



kind practices

Ben’s Bells programs are based on the belief that everyone has the capacity to be kind and that kindness can be cultivated through education, visual reminders, and ongoing practice.


change the world

By recognizing, valuing, and practicing intentional kindness, we can change the world.


Honor those who inspire kindness daily, making our communities a better place to live.

Kind Colleagues

Creating a kind and engaged workplace by strengthening the culture from within. 


These brightly colored public art pieces symbolize community connection and support through kindness.

Ben's Bells

A symbol of kindness and its power in healing, meant to touch others’ lives and make our community a more gentle place to live.

Kind Notes

Provide a concrete way to actively practice intentional kindness through written communication and reflection.


Inspire your audience to practice kindness as a way of life.

Kind Campus

Educates students, faculty, and staff about the benefits of kindness, and empowers them to create a culture of kindness on their campus and beyond.

Tools for Kindness

Tools, crafts, and other activities for getting to know aspects of our educational programming and kindness activities.

Kindness Coins

A helpful reminder to slow down, become aware of our emotions, and practice intentional kindness.

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