Virtual or in-person Kind Campus Assemblies set the stage for the practice of intentional kindness at your school. Our 30-minute interactive assemblies, led by a member of the Ben’s Bells Education team, are fun, engaging, and filled with science!

Built for Kindness
Emotional awareness is a building block for the empathy and compassion that leads to kindness. Understanding how our brains work allows us to draw upon the courage and careful thought required to practice intentional kindness and inspire positive change in our schools, families, and communities. Students and staff will interact with the speaker via questions and feedback, and presentations can be adapted to meet the particular needs and interests of your school. Audiences are left feeling inspired and equipped to incorporate kindness in all settings and throughout the entire school year. We’ll meet with you beforehand to adapt to your needs and make the assembly engaging and special.

Assembly Pricing:

Ben’s Bells is committed to providing Kind Campus programming free to schools so that tight budgets are never a barrier to practicing kindness. In order to meet and sustain the ever-increasing demand for Kind Campus programming, however, Ben’s Bells does charge for enhancements to the programming (speaking engagements, murals, and extra materials). Schools will always be able to engage actively in Kind Campus for free and, if resources allow, may support Ben’s Bells through enhancements and fundraising.

Assembly – sliding scale
less than 50% free and reduced lunch $500 (regular rate)
50% free and reduced lunch $400
60% free and reduced lunch $350
70% free and reduced lunch $300
80% free and reduced lunch $250
90% free and reduced lunch $200

Check out our Do It Yourself Kind Campus Kick-Off! Download the guide HERE. Register for Kind Campus and see Supplementary Materials for more info.

Have questions? Contact Ben’s Bells Education Manager at kindcampus@bensbells.org