Be Kind Murals

Kindness-themed mosaic murals have been installed in Tucson, Phoenix, Connecticut, and the surrounding areas. These brightly colored public art pieces symbolize community connection and support through kindness, and are created by a diverse group of students, local artists, and community members wherever they are located.

In December of 2009, the Ben’s Bells, TUSD’s Community Transition Programs, and the Marshall Foundation brought world-renowned and award-winning mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar from Philadelphia to Tucson. He taught the “Zagar Method” and worked alongside students and community members to install mosaic art onto two public walls within Main Gate Square. The Zagar workshop resulted in the completion of the first large-scale Kindness Corridor Mosaic Art Mural.

Since then, Ben’s Bells has been involved in creating dozens more community murals, and we regularly install our beloved “Be Kind” Flower and Kindness Tree at schools and community organizations in Arizona, Connecticut, and the surrounding areas.

Mural Locations
Science of Visual Reminders

Many studies support the power of visuals; visual cues are tangible and beneficial tools that foster successful learning. They help improve memory and recall, and help people understand abstract, complicated, and complex information. Visuals can also elicit an emotional response that connects learning to the human experience and reminds viewers of shared values in the space or location. In the classroom setting, “Visuals are effective in encouraging students to participate in discussion, as they are engaging them not only at cognitive level, but also at an emotional level.”

Download the Power of Visual Reminders guide for more information.

Mural Options

Ben's Bells Be Kind Flower Mural     Ben's Bells Kindness Tree Mural     Ben's Bells Be Kind Cactus Mural 

          “BE KIND” FLOWER                                 KINDNESS TREE                                        KIND CACTUS

6 feet by 6 feet                                                               8 feet by 7 feet                                                                 8 feet by 4 feet

You are welcome to fundraise to pay for your mural, however, please be aware that Ben’s Bells may not provide fundraising assistance. Any fundraising efforts must clearly state that funding is to support the school or organization. Entities outside of Ben’s Bells may not use our logos for monetary gain. Mural payments received by Ben’s Bells are considered transactions for a program fee.

For inquiries on custom murals, email murals@bensbells.org

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Sponsoring A Mural

A great way to give back to the community is to sponsor a mural for a local school or organization.

For inquiries on sponsoring a mural, email info@bensbells.org