Kindness Art Inspiration

This fun project helps us create beautiful visual reminders of kindness and raise funds to support free educational programming. Selected designs will be translated into mosaic stepping stones or used in merchandise design. We will feature the design along with the completed stepping stone, your school’s name, and the student designer’s first name when featuring the design. All proceeds go towards furthering our education programming and spreading kindness in our communities.
*Teachers will be contacted if a design is selected.

What to do….

    1. Ask your students if they’d like to create a kindness-themed design for Ben’s Bells!
    2. Students can draw their design on the template provided. Please make sure that all information is filled out.
    3. Return forms to Ben’s Bells by:
        • Dropping them off at a nearby Ben’s Bells studio
        • Mailing to Ben’s Bells at 40 W. Broadway Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85701
        • Scanning and emailing to info@bensbells.org
        • Submitting through form below
    4. Have fun! Remind your students that expressing kindness and gratitude is a great way to be kind to yourself and help make our community more kind.

Submissions due December 31, 2023

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Have questions? Contact Ben’s Bells Education Department at kindcampus@bensbells.org