Keeping Tucson Clean

Meet Rene Luera, this week’s Ben’s Bells Project #Bellee! Bonnie Darby nominated Rene for his service to a local neighborhood.
Rene is my Waste Management recycle truck driver. I just moved into the neighborhood and had an overwhelming number of empty boxes that I needed to get rid of. I did not have a large vehicle to move the boxes to the recycle center so I began putting them into my recycling bin — as many as I could each week. One Thursday, I was putting my boxes out and Rene was driving by with his truck. I told him about my issue and he quickly offered to help me deposit the other boxes into his truck so I could use my recycle bin for other items besides my million plus boxes.
When he got out of the truck to help me, he had a water bottle in his hand that another neighborhood customer had just given him for being so helpful. So I know he is making an impact on everyone he serves in my area. He tackles his job with great energy, always with a smile on his face and always with kindness.
I feel like the whole neighborhood knows him as a hardworking, incredibly thoughtful human who shows pride in everything he does. He is the perfect candidate for this award as he is not just nice, but truly lives the value of kindness in his every day, and very important work.

If you know someone who inspires kindness within the Greater Tucson, Phoenix, or Connecticut community, nominate them for a Ben’s Bell!