Ben’s Bells Workshops are presented by Laura Gronewold, PhD, Director of Education. They offer a unique opportunity for your business, organization, team, or group to build kindness skills and work together on team-oriented development. Workshops run between 1.5 hours - 1/2 day, and can accommodate up to 30 people.

Participants will discover how understanding the nature of our mental experience empowers us to practice kindness with ourselves and others. Activities center on creating a shared framework based in intentional kindness that helps groups to develop cohesion, improve communication, and work more effectively together.

Workshop focus varies, but may include team building, kind communication, the science of kindness, and more! All activities showcase how to implement evidence-based practices of intentional kindness as a powerful skill in daily life.

Prices vary. Workshops are currently available from our Tucson studio only, with flexibility in the Phoenix metro area. Visit to make your request. 

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