Ben’s Bells Workshops offer a unique opportunity for your business, organization, team, or group to build kindness skills and work together on developing self-awareness, perspective-taking, and communication skills that empower effective teamwork and help create a connected workplace.

“It was great to talk about the emotions we experience at work as a school and professional community.”

Workshop participants will discover how understanding the nature of our mental experience empowers us to practice kindness with ourselves and others. Reflective and interactive activities center on creating a shared framework based in intentional kindness that helps groups to develop cohesion, improve communication, and work more effectively together.

Workshops can focus on different kindness skills, including understanding the negativity bias, kind communication, practicing kindness through organizational change, the science of kindness, and more! All activities showcase how to implement evidence-based practices of intentional kindness as a powerful skill in daily life.


“The presenter was incredibly engaging, articulate, and knowledgeable.”

Workshops run between 1.5 hours - 1/2 day and can accommodate up to 50 people.
Prices vary. Workshops are available in southern Arizona and Phoenix Metro, depending on availability.


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