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Ben’s Bells Annual Appeal

Available through January 31, 2024

Each year the Ben’s Bells team excitedly puts together a list of ideas for the Annual Appeal Bell. This year, one Bell stood out among the others with its bright and inspiring rays of sunshine that represent your kindness in the communities we support. The sun reflects the warmth of a smile, a door held open, or the dozens of other small kind connections, while the rainbow bead reflects the joy kindness brings into the world.

There have been thousands of rays of kindness in our 21-year history, from 81,000 Bells hung worldwide, to 1.8 million students showing their commitment to kindness by participating in our free Kind Campus Program.

One of the brightest rays of kindness this year was found in Nogales Unified School District (NUSD) as they installed their final mural at Pierson High School. For the first time ever, Ben’s Bells mosaic murals have been installed at every school within an entire district. NUSD has truly infused their campuses with kindness with the help of Kathy Scott, a 46-year employee of NUSD, who personally wrote grants for every school. Her belief in kindness and the power of visual reminders also included the purchase of over 10,000 Kindness Coins to recognize students who exhibit kind behavior.

“Murals are twofold. First, they share the message of kindness to kids, parents and the whole community. More importantly, the entire Nogales community worked on the murals, with students and staff creating and installing mural pieces. Everyone was involved from the maintenance crew who prepared walls; to district administrators, teachers and students. Ben’s Bells is one of those things that involves all stakeholders.” Kathy Scott said.

NUSD is a perfect example of what the future of our communities can look and feel like. The children and families are committed to making their community ‘shine’ with kindness.

Research shows schools with Kind Campus Programming have better engagement and attendance, with a decrease in bullying. However, many schools are unable to raise the funds needed to bring murals and Kindness Coins into their own school.

As Ben’s Bells looks to the future, we need your help to make this kind of magic happen in other school districts. Please consider investing in our mission to grow more kind communities in 2024.

Donate today for a brighter and kinder tomorrow.

*To receive an ornament, make a donation of at least $150 or recurring donation of at least $25.