Ben’s Bell: A Symbol of Hope and Healing

In the last 18 years we have hung over 70,000 Ben’s Bells all around the world. Each bell has its own story and reminds us that intentional acts of kindness positively impact people in our communities. Sharon is one of those people. Her husband found a Ben’s Bell the day she was moved from the Cardiac ICU after having a heart transplant at St.Paul’s in Vancouver BC, Canada. For them, the bell is a symbol of hope and healing. Read More. 

On August 30th, 2015, I had a heart transplant at St.Paul’s in Vancouver, Canada. We were in a strange new world. Everything was spinning around us; even being in the city from our small village of Ucluelet on the west side of Vancouver Island was new and unusual. The day I was moved from cardiac ICU, Martin, my husband, was walking back to the hospital with a coffee and saw the bell chime hanging on a wire fence with the note attached. It was the perfect treasure to find, and it made my day. 

The Bell now hangs in our home in Newfoundland.

This was in the entryway to our little sanctuary of recovery in Vancouver.

The only problem was he was almost run over by a skinny Batman on a bike and dropped it. The red flower piece was broken into pieces, and Martin was crushed. With some glue and some painted stitches, I think it looks even better than before. The bells have traveled far, and we are both wearing old scars well. To the person who left them that day, thank you, it was the exact perfect day to be found by the person that needed them the most that day. Keep doing what you do because you are appreciated.

Much Love, Sharon