Creating a Kind Community

Meet Zack Jarrett, this week’s @bensbells #Bellee! Gail Gault nominated Zack for his efforts in the Poet’s Square neighborhood.

” I met Zack in our neighborhood one day to find out he was a student at La Cima Middle School many years ago when I was an administrator. We have been in touch ever since. We live in the Poet’s Square neighborhood bordered by Swan, Columbus, 5th St., and Broadway. Zack has been instrumental in reviving our neighborhood. He serves as a co-president of our neighborhood association and works tirelessly to ensure this neighborhood thrives.

He has spearheaded several neighborhood projects. The tree planting committee which he started has planted trees for several years in the Stravenue and neighbor’s yards. Our Mutual Aid Society serves families in need who reside in our boundaries, he created this to help the elderly and families in need especially in these COVID times. His latest project has us all excited.

We are creating a park in our neighborhood. Everyone is inspired by Zack to volunteer to water new trees, trim the trees, mow the grass areas, pull weeds, and weed eat. We have made benches, dog poop bag dispensers, and a message board to display neighborhood announcements and children’s artwork (Zack and his daughter made the message board). Zack Rocks! He works full time and has time and energy to give back to our neighbors.

He also created our Poet’s Square Website which is currently displaying the survey of our neighbors to get their feedback and ideas of how to make our community better. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t see Zack mowing, weed eating, watering trees, and talking to neighbors as he walks, to mention a few things. Zack is a true leader, one who sets an example for us all to emulate. One who loves seeing our ‘hood prosper and grow at the hands of all who live here. He quietly inspired neighbors enough to pay for a ride-on lawnmower to get the grass mowed.

He is an amazing person. One who represents the ideals your organization supports. He takes no credit and unselfishly gives back tenfold. Thanks for considering Zack as a Ben’s Bell recipient. And yes, he alone got the fire department to practice with their fire hoses to water the park area because of the lack of rain last month. The list goes on….”

If you know someone who inspires kindness within the Greater Tucson, Phoenix, or Connecticut community, nominate them for a Ben’s Bell!