Join Ben’s Bells on Earth Day with these activities that consider plants, animals, and the environment in your kindness practice. The Earth is our home, and paying attention to our environment helps us be kind to nature and appreciate its beauty.


These kindness-themed coloring sheets are great activities that create a frame for starting a conversation about kindness. Print out, decorate, and enjoy!


Show the world how many acts of kindness you can do. Our “be kind challenge” can be done from anywhere and is a motivator that helps us do kindness even better.


Create a “kindness tree” by making a tree out of construction paper, or whatever materials you have, and taping it to your wall. Demonstrate how you grow your kindness by adding a flower to your tree when you observe or do an act that is kind to the planet or its creatures. Set a goal to commit a certain number of kind acts each week, and help spread kindness throughout your community. Find ideas with our Kindness at Home daily calendar. 


Spending time outdoors improves our health — from breathing fresh air to taking a short walk in your neighborhood, it improves our perspective. When we immerse ourselves in the natural world, it makes it easier for us to be kind because it motivates us to take better care of the Earth. Go outside and then reflect on how you feel. What does being outside have to do with kindness? How does being outside affect your mood? What does being outside have to do with learning? How does it help you feel more ready to practice kindness with yourself and others? Set a goal to spend time outside each day if you are able, even if it means simply sitting in your front or backyard. Reflect on how you feel after a week. 


Plants, just like animals and humans, are an important part of our community. Choose an established plant (a tree, a bush, flowers, etc.), or plant something new, to monitor and document changes. Look for growth, new buds, and color, and provide care to help keep your plant healthy and growing, keeping in mind pruning, watering, or other needs. 


Brainstorm ways that you can be kind to the creatures in your community. Talk about how caring for the Earth means creating a kind community for its creatures. Consider collecting old towels and sheets to donate to an animal shelter. 


List ways that you can be kind to the Earth by improving the environment in your community. Discuss why a diverse local ecosystem helps us all thrive and how preserving a safe environment for many species is an act of kindness. Ask family members or start a social media contest to gather ideas from your friends. Then commit to improving your community’s environment this month. Some ideas might include being sure to recycle at home, spreading wildflower seeds around your neighborhood, or thinking of ways to create less waste at home.


A beautiful Earth centerpiece adorns this ornament, embossed with our “be kind” messaging for Earth and the environment.