Kind Campus

“As the School Counselor, it has been wonderful to hear less about who is being mean to whom, and instead to hear students feeling great because they were kind to someone else who needed help. Talking about how to be kind is now a popular topic for our students. It is cool to be kind at our school right now!”

Elementary School

Tucson, AZ

“This program has truly changed the culture of our school. Many of our feeder elementary schools also participate, and the difference in the students’ behavior is amazing and noticeable.”

Middle School

Tucson, AZ

“Due to Kind Campus we are noticing that referrals of students have gone down and there are less student conflicts.”

K-8 School

Tucson, AZ

“We have experienced a tragedy within our school community and because the students are familiar with the Ben’s Bells philosophy of kindness, they immediately made a connection to being kind and offering support to each other and our community.”

Elementary School

Tucson, AZ

Kind Campus is an innovative, school-based program that educates students, faculty, and staff about the benefits of kindness, and then empowers them to create a culture of kindness in their school and beyond. Participating schools receive access to all of our free Kind Campus program materials with easy-to-incorporate ideas and content designed to be highly adaptable to different ages and needs.

Abundant research demonstrates that the practice of intentional kindness benefits all of us, at any age. In fact, there are statistically significant associations between social-emotional skills in kindergarten and key outcomes for young adults years later. Kind Campus focuses on students in Pre-K through High School, and includes materials designed to support the faculty and administrators who guide students through their education. Kind Campus is thoughtfully arranged and organized to provide teachers, counselors, and staff with a structured method for teaching kindness skills and other pro-social and social-emotional skills.

Join the hundreds of schools that are changing their campuses with this free program!

What’s Included?

  • Monthly Materials including Monthly Guides and Kindness and Science Quote Posters
  • Weekly emails delivering the program in manageable chunks that help you easily keep kindness active
  • Kindness Dilemmas, Tools for Kindness, suggested activities, videos, kind reading list, and more
  • Program Support from Ben’s Bells staff
  • Opportunities to connect with other Kind Campus schools
  • Discounted merchandise to support the program on your campus

With questions or for more information, please contact us at kindcampus@bensbells.org or 520-622-1379, ext. 1004

History of Kind Campus

Kind Campus (formerly known as  Kind Kids) began in 2007 in four elementary schools in Tucson, Arizona. It has since experienced exciting growth, and has been adopted by over 500 schools, involving hundreds of thousands of students across the US and worldwide! This includes over 240 schools in Southern Arizona, 60 schools in the metropolitan Phoenix area, 120 schools in Connecticut and New York, and 94 schools in other locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.