Tools for Kindness

The tools, crafts, and other activities on this page are ways to get to know aspects of our educational programming and kindness activities. Use these resources in your home, classroom, or elsewhere, and enjoy!


Kindness Calendar

As we navigate a changing world the practice of intentional kindness is more important than ever. Kindness is an interpersonal skill; in order to make kindness a lifestyle choice, we first need to understand our social and emotional brains.



Show the world how many acts of kindness you can do. Our “be kind challenge” can be done from anywhere and is a motivator that helps us do kindness even better. Join us HERE.


Zoom Backgrounds

Download Ben’s Bells Zoom Backgrounds HERE.



Kind Notes, Thank You, and other Notes are a quick and easy way to practice kindness. Write a note to a friend, family member, or anyone in the community that you want to celebrate, thank, or encourage. Learn more HERE.

Purchase printed Kind Notes HERE!


Kind Notes
Kind Notes – Spanish
Kine Notes – Primary Lined
Kind Notes – Lined
Valentines Card’s


Try out a kindness activity or come up with your own kindness-themed art!


The Meaning of Kindness
Flower Template


These kindness-themed crafts are great activities for home, school, birthday parties etc. and create a frame for starting a conversation about kindness with your group. Print out, decorate, assemble, and enjoy!


Kind Superhero Masks
Bell Coloring Sheet
Make Your Own Mini-Bell!
Tortoise Coloring Sheet
Tree Coloring Sheet 
Giraffe Coloring Sheet 

Community partner information sheets

Kindness empowers us to step up and have challenging and vulnerable conversations that may ultimately create more connected schools. Kind Campus includes information sheets from community partners that provide advice about the ways kindness can be utilized to create positive social change. With this information, teachers and staff may lead students through challenging conversations and think about how kindness can be a productive and welcoming framework to address issues of identity, inclusion, equity, and justice.


Kindness and Masculinity: Emerge!
Kindness and Gender Identity: Women’s Resource Center
Kindness and Suicide Prevention: DJY Consulting
Kindness and Racial Justice: YWCA
Kindness and Protecting Wildlife: Reid Park Zoo
Kindness and Disability: The University of Arizona DRC
Kindness and Nature: Mrs. Green’s World
Kindness and the LGBTQ Community: Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation

To view our Master Reference List of sources including scholarly articles, research studies, videos, and more please click HERE.