field trips

School Field Trips at a Ben’s Bells studio are a terrific opportunity to engage in a fun, hands-on art activity, learn more about intentional kindness, and participate in a community service project…all in one trip!

Ben’s Bells Field Trips teach students the basics of how clay works and give students an opportunity to paint clay that has been fired. Students learn about Ben’s Bells Kindness Coins—how to use them and how they help reinforce the practice of intentional kindness. 

Kindness Coins are a tool to practice connecting with kindness, rather than an expected reward for kindness. The best rewards for kindness are intrinsic. Each coin comes with a tag that states, in English and Spanish, “This is a Ben’s Bells Kindness Coin. Thank you for sharing your kindness. Pass it on.” Kindness Coins serve as helpful reminders to slow down, become aware of our emotions, and practice intentional kindness.

All students will leave with a Kindness Coin to start their practice of intentional kindness!

Field trips are available at our Downtown Tucson, Phoenix, and Connecticut Studio and last between 1-1.5 hours depending on the size and age of the group. See below for studio-specific information and contacts

Downtown Tucson Field Trips:


  • Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm

Chaperone Information:

  • Chaperones must be at least 21 years old
  • Chaperones must stay with their group throughout their time in the studio and are responsible for the behavoir of the group
  • Schools/Groups are responsible for providing the appropriate number of chaperones to supervise the students (1 chaperone per 8 students recommended)                          

Maximum Group Size:

30 Students 


  • $5/student, includes a Kindness Coin and Kind Note for every student to take away 
  • Chaperones attend at no charge (if they are not participating in hands-on activities)




For pricing and availablility at out other studios please inquire with:

  • Phoenix: Click Here for more info 
  • Connecticut: Click Here for more info