Power Hour

Tuesday, April 4th 1:00PM-2:00PM

Make a donation of $25 or more to help Ben’s Bells win an additional $1,000!

What is Arizona Gives Day?

Arizona Gives is a collaboration between the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and Arizona Grantmakers that began in 2013. Arizona Gives helps people find, learn about, and contribute to the local causes they believe in, like Ben’s Bells. They help raise awareness about the critical role Arizona nonprofits play in our communities and inspire people to give generously to nonprofits making our state stronger, creating a thriving community for all.

Why invest in Ben’s Bells?

Ben’s Bells was founded in Tucson, and we are proud to be one of Arizona’s longstanding nonprofits. Ben’s Bells teaches individuals and communities about the positive impacts of intentional kindness and inspires people to practice kindness as a way of life. Our programs are based on the belief that everyone has the capacity to be kind and that kindness can be cultivated through education, visual reminders, and ongoing practice.

How do I make a donation?

Donations are taken through the Arizona Gives Day website. Each donate link below will take you to the location where you can make a donation. If you would like a reminder on Tuesday, April 4th, please select an “add to calendar” link below.

Thank you for investing in creating kinder communities on Arizona Gives Day and every day.

Arizona Gives Day at The Monica

Tuesday, April 4th from 3:00pm to 7:00pm
The Monica at 40 E. Congress St., Tucson, AZ 85701

Invest in person! Join us at The Monica on Tuesday, April 4th from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. Ben’s Bells staff and volunteers will be there to answer questions and collect donations. Best part? The Monica will be donating a portion of their proceeds to Ben’s Bells!

Raising Kind Humans

Ben’s Bells is proud to inspire families to raise kind humans. The Fletcher Family recently raised  funds through their children’s birthday to benefit Ben’s Bells. 

We are long-time lovers and supporters of the Ben’s Bells mission. I would put the importance of everyday kindness and empathy for our fellow humans at the tip top of the values my husband and I work to model and promote for our kiddos on a daily basis. 

Our three children were all born in March. In this day and age we battle “stuff” and the accumulation of toys and material goods, so in lieu of gifts we asked the kids to choose who they wanted to raise funds for. They quickly chose Ben’s Bells and helped wrap a box in birthday wrapping paper with a sign made out of the Ben’s Bells flower shape asking for donations. 

We saw people putting money in and some of the kids were even making comments like “Hey, I go to a Ben’s Bells school!” When we got home from the park, our kids opened the box and counted the money. We were blown away to have collected over $200! My husband and I were happy to match that in honor of our sweet kiddos’ birthday month. 

My husband and I sure are trying on the raising kind humans front. Some days go better than others, but having such a wonderful organization like Ben’s Bells for inspiration helps us so much.” –Sally F.

Inspire more children and families to value kindness. Invest in Ben’s Bells through Arizona Gives today!

Growing a Kind Community

Ben’s Bells recently launched a new program called Growing a Kind Community in which we build systematic kindness in an entire neighborhood. This program improves on the success of our Kind Campus and Murals programs, focusing on a region rather than an individual school. 

Growing a Kind Community identifies underserved neighborhoods and the elementary schools that feed into their middle school. Each school in the neighborhood receives a mural, a kindness assembly, and personal kindness coaching for school staff. Every classroom also receives Kindness Coins to help teachers recognize kindness as it occurs. The entire program is provided for free through the generosity of groups like the ADP Foundation and Stone Canyon Foundation who believe in systematic change. Our first two neighborhoods are located in Midtown and South Tucson, with 4,870 children who will start the program this fall! 

Growing a Kind Community was inspired by a partnership with Higher Ground at Doolen Middle School, who was the first recipient of funds. “I cannot describe how I feel after learning you secured the funding for Ben’s Bells programming. I’m so happy to be collaborating with you to serve our students at Doolen.” –Mohammed, Site Director of Higher Grounds program at Doolen Middle School. 

Your donation today invests in creating change within your community.

Kindness at the Zoo

Ben’s Bells has partnered with many local organizations over the years. One of our longest-standing and dearest relationships is with the Reid Park Zoo. We support each other with donations, staff engagement, and have a featured Ben’s Bells ornament at their annual gala, Zoocson. 

In early 2023, the Zoo unexpectedly lost their Training Coordinator, Joshua Skattum. Josh spent his four years at the Zoo taking on the role as the unofficial “welcome party.” The animal care staff each shared that Josh was the first one to befriend them, using kindness as his tool. When Ben’s Bells learned of his death, we knew we needed to provide support. The Ben’s Bells staff wrote Kind Notes and created a customized Earth Ornament with a memorial on the back. Reid Park Zoo President and CEO, Nancy Kluge, shared the following  message with us: “Please thank your staff for the beautiful cards and ornament in memory of Josh. I haven’t had an employee pass away before. It has been quite difficult for everyone. The compassion your group has shown means a great deal. We had a Celebration of Life for him today and had the Kind Notes out on tables. They were read aloud and I had many people come up to tell me how much the kind words meant to them. The ornament is a beautiful memorial in our staff garden.”

Ben’s legacy lives on by bringing the community together through acts of kindness. This May he  would have been 24 years old and we are pleased to share how his legacy continues to evolve. When you invest in Ben’s Bells, you are ensuring that practicing kindness is not only a priority in our schools, but also with our community partners.

A Healing Chime

Jeannette Maré took a tragic situation and chose to share her journey of healing and hope. The therapeutic effect of creating ceramic wind chimes with clay, and the power of being surrounded by people talking and working toward a common goal, helped Jeannette and her family begin to heal. The Bells shed a new light on how we can rely on community during difficult times and served as a reminder of kindness and its power to heal.

“True to Tucson tradition, Ben’s Bells has found its way into my life in many ways. Jeannette Maré was my American Sign Language instructor, my children volunteered at Ben’s Bells, and I had the honor of nominating a close friend as a Bellee. In October 2021, my life was forever changed when my son Ocean was killed. Six months after his passing, I went to Children’s Memorial Park to visit his memorial bench when I spotted a Bell in a nearby tree. Grieving the loss of Ocean had left me filled with sadness and anger. I keep the Bell on my bedroom door so that I hear it often. It reminds me that healing can come through acts of kindness.” -Kimiko W.J.

Investing in Ben’s Bells ensures that kindness will continue to be a priority in our community. Help us make a difference by making a donating today.

Angel of Kindness

“An angel of kindness knew my heart needed a hug and smile. I had just learned my brother had picked up our dad’s ashes and was driving them home to Tucson. I pulled off the road into a corner of a parking lot for a few minutes of solitude and introspection. As I was getting ready to go, I looked and saw a beautiful Ben’s Bell hanging in a mesquite tree. I exited the car to take a closer look, thinking it had been left as decoration for public enjoyment. I read the attached note and it warmed my heart to be able to bring it home. It was exactly what I needed at that moment. Thank you.” –Gretchen G.

Bells tend to find people when they need them most. Over the past 21 years, Ben’s Bells has hung over 80,000 Bells, starting in Tucson and expanding all over the world. Each Bell is a symbol of kindness and its power in healing, meant to touch the lives of others and make our community a more gentle place to live.

When you invest in Ben’s Bells, you ensure that Bells will continue to be hung around the world, acting as visual reminders to be kind. Help Ben’s Bells create a kinder world by making a donation now.



Full Circle

Ben’s Bells was founded through a story of healing and hope but has grown into a leading nonprofit that reminds communities about the importance of practicing kindness during times when we need it most.

“Jeannette Maré’s story has always inspired me. I love the idea of spreading kindness and support Ben’s Bells whenever I can. My son is 7 and every day I try to instill the importance of being kind. The first time my sister visited me in Tucson, I took her to volunteer at Ben’s Bells for a true bonding experience. I even added finding a Bell to my bucket list! I’m happy to share that I found one and the first person I told was my sister, bringing it full circle. This Bell changed my trajectory and truly inspired me to practice kindness. Kindness is something that each of us can contribute to in big or small ways,” –Leaha H.

With every donation, you are investing in programs that teach about the benefits of the practice of kindness. Kindness does not discriminate. No experience is required to be kind. With your investment we are helping communities teach and practice kindness as a way of life, creating a more inclusive way to live. Help make a difference by making a donation today.