What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of radical generosity. 

Why invest in Ben’s Bells?

Ben’s Bells teaches individuals and communities about the positive impacts of intentional kindness and inspires people to practice kindness as a way of life. Our programs are based on the belief that everyone has the capacity to be kind and that kindness can be cultivated through education, visual reminders, and ongoing practice.

Hear from Ben’s Bells volunteers, board members, staff, Kind Campus students, and Kind Campus schools on how your investment makes an impact in our community.

Why do you choose to volunteer at Ben’s Bells?

“Hi, my name is Juan. I’m a volunteer at Ben’s Bells. The reason I like to volunteer at Ben’s Bells is because it helps with the community. I learn a lot by being kind to others and it really helps with the other people being kind. I’ve volunteered for a year this month. I really like it. It makes me feel at home. It makes me feel like there’s family here.” says Juan, a Ben’s Bells volunteer.

Every year thousands of volunteers like Juan visit our studios and learn about the importance of intentional kindness. Each volunteer contributes to our culture of kindness and makes it feel like home. Your donation on Giving Tuesday helps provide the supplies needed to continue to host thousands of volunteers every year.

Why do you donate to Ben’s Bells?

“Hi my name is Andrew Luria and I’m the current Board Chair for Ben’s Bells. I’ve been supporting Ben’s Bells for over 2 years. I choose to give to Ben’s Bells because I believe the easiest thing to do, amongst everything, is be kind. The Ben’s Bells mission is 100% focused on teaching and educating the importance of intentional kindness. From opening the door for a stranger to a simple thank you to your colleagues at work. These acts of kindness have a lasting impression on our community. When you make a donation to Ben’s Bells, you’re investing in kindness. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Ben’s Bells today and in the future for a kinder, gentler world,” says Andrew Luria, Ben’s Bells Board Chair.

Since 2007, Ben’s Bells Kind Campus programming has reached over 1.7 million students. Abundant research demonstrates that the practice of intentional kindness benefits all of us, at any age. Kind Campus focuses on students ages 1 – 18, and includes materials designed to support the faculty and administrators who guide students through their education.

Your donation on Giving Tuesday ensures that Ben’s Bells can continue community programs focused on the importance of intentional kindness. Continue to invest in kind communities today.

What makes Ben’s Bells special?

“Hi, I’m Serena. I’m a Studio Assistant at Ben’s Bells. I decided to work at Ben’s Bells because I wanted to work somewhere that was inclusive and that gave back to the Tucson community. At Ben’ Bells I get to do that through art and creativity. Those are two things that I absolutely love.” says Serena, Ben’s Bells Studio Assistant.

At Ben’s Bells we value and promote an open, inclusive, and kind culture. We are passionate about kindness and cultivate a kind environment that is safe, accessible, and welcoming. Your donation on Giving Tuesday supports our inclusive community art studios that inspire kindness through art.   

How do you practice kindness?

“Troop 446 is kind. We open doors for people. We write kind notes to teachers and friends. We work together to earn our Girl Scout Kindness Badge,” says Girl Scout Troop 446.

Practicing kindness can show up in many different ways. Girl Scout Troop 446 has some great examples of how they are practicing kindness in our community to earn their Kindness Badge. When you donate to Ben’s Bells on Giving Tuesday, you’re investing in a future with kind leaders.

What does it mean to be kind?

“To me as principal of Doolen, what it means to be kind is for every single one of our students that come from a very diverse school, everybody bringing their best selves here. With the multitude of diversity that we have at Doolen, it’s making it uniquely Doolen. From everyone’s perspective being the best version of themselves and that makes us unique. Which is the reason why we selected a uniquely unique in-kind mural of a saguaro that makes us different from other schools. I think that Doolen is different and in a different way but we’re all kind of in our own different way,” says Nathaly Santin, Doolen Middle School Principal.

At Doolen Middle School, kindness means being inclusive and showing up as your best unique self. In recognition of their commitment to kindness, Doolen was a recent recipient of Ben’s Bells Growing A Kind Community project. This project brought a full dose of kindness to Doolen and every feeder school in their community. Each school received a Kindness Assembly, Kindness Coins for teachers to recognize and award kind behavior, Kind Notes, Kindness Posters, and ongoing kindness coaching.The initial project was generously funded by the ADP Foundation and included a mural at Doolen. Ben’s Bells murals programs and murals are proven to positively impact school climate including student well-being and school safety.

Unfortunately many schools are unable to raise the funds needed to provide murals for their own school. Your donation on Giving Tuesday will help make this kind of magic happen in other schools.