The History of Kind Campus:

Kind Campus (formerly known as  Kind Kids) began in 2007 in four elementary schools in Tucson, Arizona. It has since experienced exciting growth, and has been adopted by over 500 schools, involving more than 340,000 students across the United States and worldwide! This includes over 240 schools in southern Arizona, 60 schools in the metropolitan Phoenix area, 120 schools in Connecticut and New York, and 94 schools in other locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia. Ben’s Bells Project has never solicited participation; each school participating in the  Kind Campus  program has independently initiated their school’s involvement. Qualitative evidence points to the program’s potential effectiveness:

“I truly believe that the  Kind Campus  Program has created a new culture of kindness [at our elementary school]. Many students, parents, teachers, and administrators can ‘feel’ the difference!”

A middle school Kindness Coordinator wrote, “This program has truly changed the culture of our school. Many of our feeder elementary schools also participate, and the difference in the students’ behavior is amazing and noticeable.”