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Kindness is a non-polarizing issue—something everyone understands and most respond to in a positive way. For that reason, Ben’s Bells Project has been enormously successful in engaging diverse community members to participate in our kindness education programming, volunteer, and commit to the practice of intentional kindness. Individuals from every ethnic group, religious affiliation, educational background, and socio-economic level contribute to our programs by volunteering in our studios, installing kindness-themed murals in the community, and spreading the message of kindness on their car (via the signature green flower "be kind" bumper sticker).

Ben’s Bells' Kind Colleagues program is a unique approach to creating a kind and engaged workplace by strengthening the culture from within. It utilizes evidence-based principles and provides a month-by-month framework  that businesses and organizations can use to create a kind and effective work environment. Research demonstrates that a kind workplace reduces employee stress and increases productivity. This positive work climate benefits all stakeholders of an organization.


Tucson Medical Center, Kind Colleagues

What others are saying about Ben's Bells Kind Colleagues program ...

"One of the best things about the Ben's Bells' Kind Colleagues program is that it allows an organization to preserve its unique culture, but it makes that culture even better. Practicing kindness in the workplace is sometimes subtle, but there is a quiet strength to our workplace now. It doesn't overshadow who we are, but it definitely makes us better."
—Heather Bachman, RN, MSN
Director of Patient Experience, Tucson Medical Center


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