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Kindness is a non-polarizing issue—something everyone understands and most respond to in a positive way. For that reason, Ben’s Bells Project has been enormously successful in engaging diverse community members to participate in our kindness education programming, volunteer, and commit to the practice of intentional kindness. Individuals from every ethnic group, religious affiliation, educational background, and socio-economic level contribute to our programs by volunteering in our studios, installing kindness-themed murals in the community, and spreading the message of kindness on their car (via the signature green flower "be kind" bumper sticker).

Ben’s Bells Kind Colleagues program is a unique approach to creating a kind and engaged workplace by strengthening the culture from within. It utilizes evidence-based principles and provides a month-by-month framework that businesses and organizations can use to create a kind and effective work environment. Research demonstrates that a kind workplace reduces employee stress and increases productivity. This positive work climate benefits all stakeholders of an organization.



Program includes:
•    Kind Colleagues Materials (website access to 12 monthly guides, kindness quote posters, science of kindness posters, supplemental materials, videos, and activities)

•    Program Support for up to 5 kindness coordinators

•    60-minute presentation by Ben’s Bells Founder and Chief Kindness Officer Jeannette Maré


If you would like information about having our Founder and Chief Kindness Officer, Jeannette Maré, come to speak at your organization or present a kindness skill-building workshop, please click here or here.


Tucson Medical Center, Kind Colleagues

What others are saying about the Kind Colleagues program ...

"It’s been a little over 6 months since the Hotel Congress and Maynard’s Market & Kitchen have implemented Kind Colleagues. Our first big kick-off activity was to create a Kindness Board for the staff, located behind the scenes of the restaurant and club where staff and managers can write Kind Notes to each other and then post them on the bulletin board. Everyone LOVES doing this and though we only anticipated keeping it up for the first month, the staff insisted that it become a permanent fixture!
The activities included in Kind Colleagues, from the simplicity of Kind Notes to the more in-depth conversations around equanimity and kindness vs. niceness, have added so much value to the way we approach our business, staff, and guests. Thank you, Ben’s Bells."

Rita Dorsey Boutwell (Hotel Congress & Maynard’s Market & Kitchen)

“The benefit of the Kind Colleagues program is the awareness it creates. It strengthens how we practice our values, compassion, integrity, community, and dedication through our relationships with each other and our patients. Kindness is the evidence of us living our values to serve our community."
Heather Bachman RN, MSN (Tucson Medical Center)

Tucson Medical Center, Kind Colleagues

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