Making Masks to Keep the Public Safe

Meet Amy Kidd, this week’s Ben’s Bells Project #Bellee! Lynn Bultman nominated Amy for making masks for the community.

I am Amy’s mom, and I’m so proud of her face mask-making project. In the last half of March, she decided to start making masks and giving them away to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. She has made over 2,400 cloth masks for friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, non-profit organizations (such as the VA Hospital, the Food Bank, Emerge!, and many more), people on the FB page Tucson Helps Out, and lots of others who heard that she was making masks for free. She purchased most of the supplies herself, used lots of great fabric designs, and had some challenges finding elastic for a while.

Amy Kidd

She spent many days and nights sewing like crazy to get as many done as she could to fill orders. The only thing she charged for was shipping if people were unable to pick up their masks. She had some help from her two kids (ages 4 and 8) and from her husband and some co-workers. She has posted a mask-making video on FB, and recently a very cute video of her kids doing a science experiment — wearing three different kinds of masks and attempting to blow out candles!

From Amy: “my daughter (8) and son (4) helped sew and unpin, my husband created tools for me, and my coworkers Amber Coyle and Lynn Stock helped with pleating. I really appreciate you including them, we’re definitely in it together!”

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