Community Partnerships

Ben’s Bells is proud to work with Tucson Unified School District’s (TUSD) Community Transition Programs, a partnership that began in 2008!

Kind Stitches

Kind Stitches is a collaboration between Ben’s Bells and Tucson Unified School District’s (TUSD) Community Transition Programs, where students with special needs spend two years learning hands-on job skills and independence that will help them become adults transitioning into the workplace. Working with Ben’s Bells and the Kind Stitches program provides young adult students with disabilities the opportunity to learn how to operate computerized embroidery machinery, experience working with different fabrics, and basic retail operations including interacting with customers, taking and processing orders, and processing transaction payment.

TUSD students embroider Ben’s Bells “be kind” logo on a number of products including fanny packs, drawstring bags, tote bags, and hats. They also embroider custom text and the “be kind” logo on any material of personal items such as clothing, sneakers, blankets, lunch bags, pillowcases, and more.

Embroidered items are sold in-store at Shop Kind, Shop Kind online, at the Kind Stitches studio, and at pop up shops including farmers markets, school events, and street fairs around Tucson. At pop up shops, students process personalized orders, embroider on the spot, and have Ben’s Bells merchandise available for purchase. Every item embroidered by Kind Stitches helps fund Ben’s Bells open art studios, kindness education programs, and further the mission to inspire intentional acts of kindness.

TUSD Advanced Community Training Program

Ben’s Bells is proud to work with volunteers in TUSD’s Advanced Community Training (ACT) program. In the ACT program, students engage in learning by volunteering, working, interacting with the public, and accessing the community on a full-time basis for up to two years. Under the supervision of ACT teachers, University of Arizona students provide instructional support to students within meaningful community environments. ACT students and staff have been volunteering in our Tucson studios since 2008.


Photography by Jonathan Arlia LLC