Stand Up For Kindness

At Ben’s Bells we stand for kindness. Kindness for everyone. We believe that Black lives matter and that each of us must actively oppose racism. Kindness is doing for the benefit of others. It is not the same as being nice. It is not condescending. It is about doing the hard work of ensuring an inclusive community for all, and that means opposing injustice and oppression. If you stand for kindness you must be anti-racist.

We encourage you to read the Op-Ed Being Anti-racist is Kind written by board member and longtime supporter of Ben’s Bells, Forest Melton. We are inspired by his courage to share his experiences and we commit ourselves to also finding the courage to stand up for kindness.

We are grateful to uplift the powerful kindness work being done by Black leaders and teachers. We hope that you will engage with these resources to help prepare you to put your kindness into action.


Your voice counts.

Support Black-owned Businesses

This ongoing list, put together by Roux Events, compiles Black-owned businesses in a variety of sectors. Many other cities have their own version.


Seek out Black voices in all media formats and listen to the experiences of marginalized voices.


Here is an anti-racist reading list that includes information on history, accountability, and action. There are also many books on racial equality to read with your children and help facilitate tough discussions. Here is a list from Make Way for Books. Here is a list of Black-owned bookstores.

Speak Up

Help move the message forward by sharing information on social media, email, and in conversations with people in your circle. The more we talk and share, the more momentum and impact this message will have. Demand action from your local representatives. Don’t be afraid to have difficult conversations.

Show Up

Kindness is not always easy. It is a skill we must work on every single day. Commit to the work of standing for racial justice by communicating with those around you, learning as much as you can, and elevating Black voices.