Supporting the Community with a “Giving Shelf”

Meet Courtney and Ray Logan, this week’s Ben’s Bells Bellee in Phoenix. Erin O’Connor nominated Courtney and Ray for starting a community giving shelf.

I’ve known them both since middle school. During the height of the panic buying caused by Covid-19, they were flabbergasted at the amount of greed and panic displayed by so many people. So, they started a community giving shelf in their front yard of essential items like food, baby necessities, water, and paper items for anyone to take when needed. Their cause was so inspiring that the entire neighborhood began donating items and their giving shelf turned into an entire movement and overflowed. Donations were so abundant that an additional table was added to house it all. In a time of despair, instead of acting in greed, the Logans responded with love and kindness.                         

If you know someone who inspires kindness within the Greater Tucson, Phoenix, or Connecticut community, nominate them for a Ben’s Bell!