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Open Studio Participant   can participate in the Project by creating the   Ben's Bells and Kindness Coins that serve as symbols of Intentional Kindness in our local, national, and global communities. Open Studio Participants  can join us at our Main Gate, Phoenix, and Connecticut studios without reservation or time commitment. 

Advanced Volunteers support Ben's Bells by creating our wide array of retail merchandise, representing Ben's Bells at offsite events, helping to work in our Shop KIND store, or assisting in our education initiatives. A one-time orientation is required of our Advanced Volunteers and all work is done at our Downtown Studio. Contact jake@bensbells.org for more information on how to schedule an orientation. 

Community Service Volunteers are any volunteers who require verification (whether through a signature, phone call, or other documentation). Our Community Service Program operates out of our Downtown Studio Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3pm-5pm only and must be signed up for in advance. You can reserve your spot HERE



Volunteers by Studio


Ben’s Bells Main Gate Studio 

Open Studio Participants

Our Main Gate Studio is an Open Studio Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm. During those times parties of 5 people or less are welcome to stop in with no reservation or time commitment required and participate in the Ben's Bells mission by creating and tagging Kindness Coins and Ben's Bells centerpieces. These items are used as part of our Educational intitatives including Kind Campus, Weekly Bellings, and of course the monthly distributions of Ben's Bells in public spaces around the city of Tucson. 


Ben’s Bells Downtown Studio 


Advanced Volunteer Corps. 

Advanced Volunteers can serve as Art, Retail, or Education Volunteers.  AVs create the bulk of all merchandise like Kindness Coins, necklaces and bracelets, and special edition ornaments, work in our Shop KIND store and act as the public face of Ben’s Bells at events such as the 4th Avenue Street Fair, or help the Education Team promote Intentional Kindness and the Science of Kindness to school and professional groups. Email jake@bensbells.org  for more information 


Volunteer Groups

Volunteer Groups are invited to schedule parties of 5-35 people for a minimum of 2 hours to help mold, paint, and assemble our ceramic ornaments, jewelry, and gifts. We welcome groups from local businesses and corporations, University or Greek Life organizations, or other nonprofits to join us as Volunteer Groups. For more info and to sign your group up Click Here 


Community Service

If you need any documents signed or need your hours verified by a Ben's Bells staff member in writing or on the phone you must volunteer through our Community Service program. Community Service is by reservation only Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-5pm at our Downtown Studio at 40 W. Broadway Blvd. For more details and to sign up for Community Service hours  click here


For information on our Connecticut Studio CLICK HERE

For Information on our Phoenix Studio CLICK HERE



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Manage Your Volunteer Account

If you would like to view or print out  a record of the volunteer hours you've performed with Ben's Bells, use the Volunteer Login link below. 


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