Kindness to Others

Last month we focused on becoming aware of our self-critical thoughts by noticing them and practicing self-kindness. To be kind to others, we must learn how to be kind to ourselves.

This month we’re focusing on being kind to others by bringing awareness to our thoughts, words, and actions. At home, talk about how easily we can feel different from others, and how focusing on difference can lead us to be unkind. Intentional kindness is sometimes about being able to have an uncomfortable conversation and being mindful that you are speaking to another human being who deserves to be respected the same way you do. When we focus on a kind state of mind, we can prioritize connections rather than differences.

Use the Kindness at Home calendar as a resource to practice kindness daily and document your acts of kindness by joining the Be Kind Challenge. Share your acts of kindness with us on Facebook or Instagram by tagging Ben’s Bells and using #KindnessConnects, so we can share how you practice with the world!