Introduction and Foundations

Why Kind Colleagues?

Kindness is a non-polarizing issue—something everyone understands and most respond to in a positive way. For that reason, Ben’s Bells has been enormously successful in engaging diverse volunteers as participants. Individuals from every ethnic group, religious affiliation, educational background, and socio-economic level contribute to our program by volunteering in our studios, installing kindness murals in the community, and spreading the message of kindness on their cars (via the signature green flower “be kind” bumper sticker).

The Harvard Business Review reports, “a positive environment will lead to dramatic benefits for employers, employees, and the bottom line.” Over 80 percent of workplaces believe that their employees are overwhelmed, yet very few have programs to deal with the problem.

Kind Colleagues is a fresh, impactful approach to creating a kind and engaged workplace by strengthening the culture from within. Using evidence-based principles, Kind Colleagues helps organizations build kindness skills, reduce employee stress, and improve overall connectedness and productivity.

The mission of Ben’s Bells is to teach individuals and communities about the positive impacts of intentional kindness and to inspire people to practice kindness as a way of life.