Join Ben’s Bells as we work to keep our kindness practice active during the long summer months!

Increasing our awareness around the many benefits of kindness encourages skill-building that ultimately leads to kinder communities. Summer of Kindness offers suggested activities for practicing kindness and opportunities to appreciate and recognize our kind communities. Each activity is a quick and fun way to keep individuals and families active and keep kindness as part of their daily lives. These activities include practicing self-kindness and practicing gratitude, skills that are absolutely crucial for our communities as we adapt to change and uncertainty. This is a great resource for families, educators, or anyone looking for ideas that make an impact.

Kindness asks us to learn about our role as social creatures, wrestle with difficult questions, practice gratitude, savor the positive, and build kindness as a skill. Keep your practice active this summer with our Summer of Kindness!

Kind Conversations


 KINDNESS Activities

Kind Notes

Kind Superhero

Mini Bell

Kind Bingo

Glitter Bottle Exercise

How will you put kindness into action? 
List the things that are hard to do. What are you going to do about it? Kindness is action. Speaking up, showing courage, helping those who are grieving, and hearing those who have different opinions. Together through intentional acts of kindness we can create kinder communities.
Thank you for being a part of Ben’s Bells Summer of Kindness. We hope you had fun, learned a few things, and are inspired to make kindness a way of life. Continue working on your kindness skills with free activities.
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